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Get all the GUIDANCE, ADVICE and SUPPORT you need!

At CMS we specialise in providing Management Support Services for committees and boards of community organisations. As a member of CMS you have access to all the support and services you need to keep things running smoothly and your staff happy.

CMS Membership is now even more affordable!

CMS Membership gives you:

  • Unlimited phone and email support with employment and staffing matters.
  • Assistance in intepretating awards, enterprise agreements and pay rates.
  • Work Health and Safety advice.
  • Governance advice.
  • Monthly newsletters and regular updates on relevant awards and legislation.
  • Access to online resources which include draft position descriptions, employment contracts, fact sheets and so much more.
  • Online member only discounts.
  • Access to other great services at member only rates.

Let the CMS team 'take care of your business'.



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