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Need some help managing your community organisation?  Then you've come to the right place.  Community Management Solutions have been providing guidance, advice and support to community-based Boards, Committees and Employers for over 40 years.  Chances are if you are not quite sure how to handle a situation, our team can help you find the solution.

If you are already a member there is a wealth of information and resources waiting for you when you log-in.  If you are not yet a member, call us today on 1300 007 110 to find out what we can offer you and your organisation.


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CMS Payment Summaries Guide
To ensure that you are ready to get your employees' payment summaries out by the 14 July 2016, CMS have created a webinar to assist you with this process. Click on the below link to view our "Guide to preparing your employees' payment...
Federal Minimum Wage Increase Decision
The Fair Work Commission Minimum Wage Panel has handed down their decision today to deliver a 2.4% increase to the Federal Minimum Wage and the Modern Awards.     The federal minimum weekly wage will increase to $672.70 per week ($17.70)...
4 Yearly Review of Modern Awards - Annual Leave
The Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission handed down their decision to vary a number of modern awards in relation to various aspects of paid annual leave.  This has been part of the 4 yearly review of modern awards.   In June and...
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