Award Service

Community Management Solutions Award Service has never been more crucial or important. A simple call to our Awards team will ensure prompt and correct advice PLUS you'll be informed of changes to pay rates via email as and when they happen....AND most importantly its a very cost effective service.

All Employers are required by law to display a copy of the Award for employees and for those in the Federal jurisdiction are also required to display the NES in the workplace. Our Award Service is perfect for a vital tool for members delivering regular updates to Awards along with wage sheet information.

As well as peace of mind, the annual subscription fee, ensures members recieve:

  • The latest copy of the Award/s - a copy of Award onsite is MANDATORY!
  • Updates for the Award/s immediately after they have been gazetted via email;
  • Updated Pay Rate Sheet/s to subscribed Award/s after they have been gazetted.

Award Packages

Pack 1

  • 1 x Award
  • Cost - $150
  • Annual Renewal Fee - $110

Pack 2

  • 2 x Award
  • Cost - $200
  • Annual Renewal Fee - $120

Pack 3

  • 3 x Award
  • Cost - $300
  • Annual Renewal Fee - $140

Pack 4

  • 4 x Award
  • Cost - $400
  • Annual Renewal Fee - $150

Please contact Community Management Solutions to order or 1300 007 110.