Committee Toolkit

Community Management Solutions have created a Committee Toolkit with the sole aim of supporting you the elected member of the committee.

This toolkit is designed to provide you with the guidance, advice and support you need to run your community organisation effectively.

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1. Introduction

2. Committee Roles & Responsibilities

3. Constitution Summary

4. Committee Obligations and Managing Staff

5. Risk Exposure - HR Matters & Workers Compensation

6. Running It Like A Business

7. Accounting

8. Being a Treasurer

9. Committee Responsibilities For Finance

10. Budgeting

11. Financial Reporting

12. Banking

13. Taxation

14. Insurance

15. Strategic Plan

16. Meeting Structure, Procedures, Rules

17. Yearly Planner

18. Setting Yearly Targets

19. Projects (Funding / Grants)

20. Meeting with Stakeholders / Government

21. Preparing for the AGM

22. End of Year Handover & Summary