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  • Blue Card Services is auditing education and care providers across Queensland from July 2014 to June 2015. The audit is to ensure providers are compliant with their blue card obligations and have implemented a child and youth risk management strategy. If your service is selected as part of the audit you will receive a letter and asked to provide a copy of your child and youth risk management strategy and your blue card employee register. For more information about mandatory blue card requirements or to download a free toolkit to help in developing a risk management strategy, visit the Blue Card Services website.
  • Inclusion program awarded - The specialised Equipment and Resources for Kindergarten Program (SERK) managed by Noah's Ark and funded by the Queensland and Australian Governments has won the 2014 Early Childhood Intervention Australia Quality Inclusive Practices Award for service delivery. Visit the Noah's Ark website for information on accessing the program.
  • New Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS) Terms and Conditions - The program adiministration and funding teal will now administer QKFS subsidies in accordance with the Queensland Government terms and conditions for funding in QGrants. Services will be required to agree to the Queensland Government terms and conditions when submitting claims via QGrants. Visit the website for more information.
  • Educators, teachers, principals and representatives from community organisations are invited to attend a forum in Cairns showcasing projects supporting early childhood development. For more information visit the website
  • Have your say on notification requirements...The department is proposing to amend the Education and Care Services Act by requiring approved providers to notify the department within 24 hours of any incident that requires the provider to close, or reduce the number of children attending a service. You can provide your feedback on the proposed amendment by email ECSenquiries@dete.qld.gov.au before the consultation period closes on 1 August 2014. Visit the website http://deta.qld.gov.au/earlychildhood/ for more information.
  • The Assistant Minister for Education, Sussan Ley has announced the establishment of a Ministerial Advisory Council for the education and care sector. Read More
  • The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal proceedings against the operators of a child care centre in the Illawarra region in NSW - Read More
  • Productivity Report Released - Read More
  • Media Release on Child Care Sharp Practices - JETCCFA Programme - Read More
  • Access to early childhood education in Australia - Insights form a qualitative study. Read More
  • Next Tuesday may be the start of generational change for early education and care in Australia. The Productivity Commission has announced that they will release their draft report on Tuesday. The release of the draft report gives everyone interested in the education and care of Australia's children to assess what the Commission if recommending and feed back our views. Read More
  • Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme - Read More
  • The National Regulations have changed. Amendments to the National Regulations came into effect on 1 June 2014 for all states and territories, except Western Australia - Read More
  • Queensland Amendments to the Education and Care Services National Regulations - Read More
  • Long Day Care Professional Development Programme Applications NOW OPEN - Read More
  • Important information for members regarding their policies and procedures when transporting children by bus - Read More
  • An update on matters of interest concerning the Early Childcare Sector - Read More
  • Community Management Solutions have recieved a letter from the Assistant Minister for Education, Sussan Ley in response to the concerns we raised regarding the Early Years Quality Fund (EYQF). Read More 
  • Community Management Solutions concerns about Early Years Quality Fund confirmed -
    Read More
  • Early Years Quality Fund Review - The Assistant Minister for Education, Sussan Ley has released the report of the Ministerial Review of the Early Years Quality Fund. Read More.
  • Productivity Commissions Releases Issues Papers for Inquiry on Childcare and Early Childhood Learning - Read More
  • Equal Remuneration Case a Slow Burner - Read More
  • Sun Smart Grants Scheme - The Sun Smart Grant Scheme is an iniative developed by Cancer Council Queensland and the Department of Health to assist organisations who have limited funds to work towards sun safety. Read More
  • Changes to Early Childhood Teacher Qualification Requirements under QKFS - What do theses change mean for services? Read More
  • AEDI Community Action Grants - Forty organisations have been approved to receive Australian Early Development Index (AEDI) Community Action grants. With these grants, 48 initatives will be implemented across Queensland to respond to local AEDI data. Read More
  • Workshops Inspire Action - The Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives in Early Childhood (EATSIPEC) workshop program inspiring kindergarten programs across Queensland. Read More
  • Opportunity to have your say - The Government has given the Productivity Commission a public inquiry to look at future options for childcare and early childhood learning, including government support for these services and the families using them. The Commission hopes to get as much input as possible. For more information about the inquiry including how to get involved visit www.pc.gov.au/projects/inquiry/chilcare or contact the team at childcare@pc.gov.au or on 02 6240 3262.
  • Public Health Alert (Measles Outbreak) - There have been measles outbreaks occurring in Queensland and other states during 2013, with young children and school-aged children infected. It is important that early childhood education and care services are aware of the current measles risk and inform parents to keep children away if they think they have measles. Services are encouraged to strongly recommend that parents ensure their children and staff are fully vaccinated against measles. Unvaccinated children and staff will need to be excluded from any early childhood education and care service where a measle case has been confirmed. The Queensland Health Urgent public health alert for schools and early childhood education and care services regarding measles outbreaks provides information for parents about the disease and how to reduce the risk of their children being infected.
  • Early Years Quality Fund - Prior to the federal elections Community Management Solutions wrote to Christopher Pyne and others, voicing our members concerns over Early Years Quality Fund, the make up of the Board, criteria for funding etc. and the behaviour of United Voice representatives. Since the election, Community Management Solutions has been requested to forward to Minister Pyne a list of our concerns. Click here to read our letter.
  • Workplace Ombudsman Inspectors on their way - The Fair Work Ombudsman will be inspecting the books of Child Care Centres throughout Queensland. Read Full Article or Click here to find out more information on our Financial Services.
  • Draft Education & Care Regulation 2013 Consultation Commences - The Education and Care Services Act 2013 (the Act) was passed by the Queensland Parliament on 12 September 2013. The Department of Education, Training and Employment welcomes your feedback on the draft Education and Care Services Regulation 2013. To provide feedback on the draft regulation you may visit the departments web page http://deta.qld.gov.au/earlychildhood/service/services-law.html or visit the Queensland Government website https://www.getinvolved.qld.gov.au/ . Please submit your comments by Friday 25 October 2013.
  • Amendments to the National Regulations to come into effect - From 1 September 2013 amendments to the National Regulations will come into effect in all states and territories except Westen Australia.
  • Early Education Equal Remuneration Order - An equal pay application for early childhood educators has been lodged with the Fair Work Commission.
  • Food Safety - Check out the below link to the Food Safety section on Queensland Health Website http://www.health.qld.gov.au/foodsafety


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  • The Australian Early Development Index (AEDI) is a measure of children's development by the time they start school. The department is implementing a range of strategies to support awareness and use of AEDI data, including the Queensland AEDI Community Action Grant Program. The objective of this grant program is to support organisations in communities with a higher proportion of children developmentally vulnerable than the Queensland average to respond to local AEDI results in ways that meet local needs. For more information click here.


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