Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF)

Eligible: Not for Profits

Funding: Amount: $500 to $35,000

Round Closes:  Ongoing

To allocate funding to not-for-profit community groups to enhance their capacity to provide services, leisure activities and opportunities for Queensland communities.

The Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF) is Queensland’s largest one-off grants program, distributing approximately $52 million per year. Established in 1994 under the Gaming Machine Act 1991, the fund returns to the community a portion of state revenue raised through gambling taxes.

Applications are processed and assessed by the Community Benefit Funds Unit (CBFU), and considered by the Gambling Community Benefit Committee on a quarterly basis. Independently appointed by the Minister, the committee has the responsibility of making recommendations to the Minister on funding to eligible community groups.

Applications can be submitted for funding between a minimum of $500 (including GST) and a maximum of $35,000 (including GST).

If the cost of any item is more than the approved amount, it is the organisation’s responsibility to fund the difference.

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) Community Benefit Funds Unit (CBFU) distributes revenue from gaming taxes to various not-for-profit community groups throughout Queensland.



Scanlon Foundation Community Grants

Eligible: Not for Profits - DGR Status is required

Funding: Amount $5,000 to $25,000

Round: Closes – 12 September 2016

The Scanlon Foundation’s annual community grants round 2016 will focus on 18 local government areas, with the purpose of funding projects that support the transition of migrants into employment.

Projects should consider the experience of migrants and of receiving communities and aim to nurture positive outcomes. The Scanlon Foundation is seeking expressions of interest for projects that empower communities and develop intercultural connections.

Projects must be located in one or more of the following local areas:

  • Logan, QLD
  • Ipswich, QLD
  • Inala, QLD



St. George Foundation

Eligible: Not for Profits - DGR Status is required

Funding: Amount up to $50,000

Round: Closes – 30 September 2016

St.George Foundation focuses on helping smaller community organisations that work to provide a brighter future for socially, economically or physically disadvantaged children. The charities we fund attract little assistance from the government and are not able to generate significant fundraising income of their own. We want to support the AWESOME work they do for children in our community.

A little goes a long way, and with your support we can continue to help even more little dragons. Importantly, St.George Banking Group covers all our administration costs so all donations go straight to improving the lives of children in Australia.


Harcourts Foundation Grants

Eligible to: Not for Profits - DGR Status is required

Funding: Undisclosed

Round: Closes – 30 September 2016

No matter the size of your organisation, the Harcourts Foundation not only gives back to those affected by large scale cataclysmic disasters but to charitable community organisations or assists with helping individuals in need. Grants applications must be requested for a specific event, project or initiative.



Ikea Living Local Community Grants

Eligible to: Not for Profits

Funding: Amount: $0 - $5,000

Round: Closes – 27 November 2016

The IKEA Living Local Community Grants are about combining our products and home furnishing expertise and our co-worker volunteer leave days to ‘makeover’ a room or a space in a local not-for-profit or charity organisation.



The Mary MacKillop Grants Program

Eligible: Not-for-Profits

Funding Amount: $0 to $10,000 - Total Pool - Undisclosed

Round: Ongoing

The Mary MacKillop Foundation (MMF) Community Grants Progran partners with organisations who support Australia's most vulnerable and marginalised people to improve their lives through education in all its forms.

Eligible organisations may apply for grants of up to $10,000 to deliver innovative and practical projects that assist people who have been pushed to the margins of society through poverty and disadvantage.

By participating in these projects, individuals build skills and gain knowledge to improve their engagement with the community and take advantage of life oppotunities. The MMF Community Grants Program seeks to empower those in need to take control of their lives and to build future for themselves and their communities.

Community projects supported by the MMF Community Grants Program include projects that:

  • Strengthen skills, knowledge and capabilities for self-sufficiency.
  • Improve engagement and participation in the community.
  • Enhance spiritual and emotional wellbeing.
  • Provide support for self-help action for those in need.

For further information go to the following link.


Holden Home Ground Advantage

Grants: $1 to $100,000 | Total Pool: $250,000

Eligible: Not-for-Profits

Round: Ongoing

Local sporting clubs are integral part of the Australian way of life, much like Holden. That's why they have made a long term commitment to helping grassroots sport by giving local clubs the chance to upgrade their facilities with the Holden Home Ground Advantage project.


Coca-Cola Australia Foundation

The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation’s mission is to inspire moments of happiness and possibilities for young Australians.

To be eligible organisations must build capability for young Australians aged 13 to 19 years by addressing: 

  • Happiness;
  • Empowerment; 
  • Increased possibilities for a positive life; 
  • and / or Wellbeing (emotional, physical and social).

There are two opportunities to apply for grants from the Coca-Cola Australia Foundation:

Flagship Grant: grants to charities with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status who have a clear and measurable program addressing an issue aligned with the CCAF mission, up to $200,000 per annum of up to 3 consecutive years.

Employee Connected: grants to charities with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status who are connected to our employees, up to $25,000 as a one-off grant.

For enquiries please contact Lisa McSweeney at


Celebrating Multicultural Queensland Grants Program

Purpose: The celebrating Multicultural Queensland grants program funds initiatives that celebrate and promote Queensland's multicultural identity, increase community awareness of benefits of multiculturalism, foster community cohension, and support equal access to opportunities by people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Overview: In 2016-17, total funding of $1 million will be allocated to diverse multicultural events and projects across Queensland through 2 separate grants rounds:

  • 30 June to 26 August 2016 - grants round for multicultural events - NOW OPEN
  • Later in 2016 - grants round for multicultural projects.

Under the 2016-17 grants round for multicultural events, funding will be allocated through 2 categories for events to be held in Queensland within the 2017 calendar year:

  • 'Signature Events' with maximum grant level of $20,000 per event.
  • 'Cultural Events' with maximum grant level of $10,000 per event.

Limitations: Community groups, local councils and non-government incorporated organisations that involve or support migrants and refugees from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrouonds are eligible to apply for funding.

Unincorporated organisation interested in submitting a funding application will need to seek agreement from an incorporated organisation to act as an auspice agency.

Applications / Guidelines

Application Methods - Online

Website -

Guidelines -

Apply Using Smart Grants -


ANZ Seeds of Renewal

Purpose: Seeds of Renewal is a grant program supported by ANZ that aims to help buold thriving communities in regional Australia through the provision of grants. Seeds of Renewal also offers information technology (IT) equipment, thanks to ANZ's technology partner Lenovo.

Overview: The grants / IT selection process is independently administered by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) which manages a number of grant programs across rural and regional Australia. The funding (amount up to $15,000) or technoloy grant (laptops and/or tablets) is determined by FRRR and ANZ.

Can we apply for both grant and IT equipment?

No. Groups may apply for either a cash grant or for IT equipment. On the application form you are asked to choose whether you are applying for a grant or for equipment.

If you choose IT equipment, you must specify what type of technology (you can choose Option A, B or both) and how many devices. Applicants can request a total of five items on total:

  • Option A: Lenovo Thinkpad X1 YOGA (Laptop) RRP $2.399
  • Option B: Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Tablet (Tablet) RRP $2,299

Both types of device will come with a Windows operating system, although there is no other software (e.g. Microsoft Word) or cutomer support.

Example: Some example of suitable projects include ones that:

  • Help people to prepare for employment or return to education
  • Provide certified training courses at local community centres
  • Help people to learn new skills and knowledge such a mentoring, structured networking opportunities or professional development (these could be virtual or in person)
  • Develop micro-business or social enterprises that involve strong community engagement and help to create employment opportunities.

Limitations: Who can apply?

  • Not-for-profits, community-based organisations with an ABN or Incorporation Certificate
  • Projects implemented in communities of fewer than 15,000 people
  • If schools are applying it is preferred that the application comes from the Parents & Citizens committee
  • Applications from local community groups are favoured over applications from Local Governement Authorities
  • Projects that demonstrate community support (either in-kind or from other funding support) and have letters of support will be looked upon favourably

What can be funded?

  • Projects which focus on creating education and employment opportunities in local communities
  • Grants will be made in amounts of up to $10,000

What can't be funded?

  • Projects that benefit an individual rather than a community
  • Administration, operational costs and overheads i.e. electricity, rent, insurance, website hosting, telephone etc. - costs regularly encountered by the applicant
  • scholarships
  • Projects outside of Australia
  • Puerley social, sporting or recreational activities. The encouragement or advancement of sport, recreation and social activities is not considered a chartiable activity by the Australian Taxation Office. Applications from sporting organisations need to clearly demonstrate a benefit to the wider community.

Applications / Guidelines

Application methods - Mail, Email

Website -

Guidelines -

Apply Using Smart Grants -


Yates and Junior Landcare

Purpose: Yates and Junior Landcare have teamed up to encourage young people to get creative in the garden. Groups are invited to submit a design of their dream educational garden within their grounds or community, for the opportunity to win one of 12 grants valued at $2,000.

Overview: Yates and Junior Landcare encourage young people to get creative in the garden. Following on the success of the Yates Junior Landcare program in 2015, Yates is again proud to award 12 grants of up to a value of $2,000 each to schools, kindergartens and youth groups who can demonstrate an imaginative design for a garden.

Grants will be awarded to the most creative, well designed, sustainable and environmentally conscious entries. So be inventive and imaginative - design, create and educate.

Groups are invites to submit a design for their dream educational garden within their grounds or community. It may be a 'birdscape garden' of native plants to attract birds to the area, a productive vegetable garden that forms an 'outdoor classroom', an aquaponics garden, or a sensory garden made from upcycled and recycled products.

There are lots of different forms that an ideal garden can take, and we encourage children to be actively involved in the research and design process. The Junior Landcare Resources are a great place to start for inspiration.

What activities does the Yates Junior Landcare Grant support?

  • Bush tucker and native gardens
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Sensory gardens
  • Composting and green waste recycling activities
  • Purchase of gardening infrastructure and equipment (pallets, garden beds, gloves, shovels, watering cans, etc.)



  • Any school (primary or secondary), kindergarten, childcare centre, and youth/community group (e.g. Scouts) seeking to educate young Australians about gardening and the natural environment can apply.
  • Groupd with project reports still outstanding from previous Junior Landcare grants are ineligible for further funding until all reporting requirements are met.
  • Incomplete and late applications will not be considered.
  • Preference will be given to groups who have not already recieved a Junior Landcare garnt in the past two years.

What items are not funded by the Yates Junior Landcare Grant?

  • Consultancy fees
  • Wages, administration and labour costs
  • Airfares and other travel costs
  • Delivery and postage costs
  • Water tanks or irrigation equipment totalling more than 50% of funding sought
  • Paving, concreting, fencing or seating materials totalling more than 50% of funding sought
  • Chicken coop or graden shed materials totalling more than 50% of funding sought
  • Synthetic grass and flowers
  • Cooking equipment
  • Lawnmowers?

Applications / Guidelines

Application methods - Online

Website -

Guidelines -

Application -


Poverty and Disadvantage Small Grants Program

Grants: $0 to $10,000

Eligible: Not-for-Profits

Round: Ongoing

This Small Grants Program supports strategies to benefit Australian communities.

The aims are to:

  • alleviate the negative effects of poverty and disadvantage;
  • demonstrate new ideas about how to address poverty and disadvantage
  • Strengthen communities abilities to deal with poverty and disadvantage


Amanda Flynn Foundation Grant Program

Grants: $5,000 to $50,000

Eligible: Not-for-Profits / Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)

Round: Ongoing

The Amanda Flynn Foundation's AFF Grant Program supports practical, locally-based initiatives which will make a positive difference to the mental health and wellbeing of sensitive and at risk children and young people living in Australia. Specifically, it aims to help sensitive and at risk children and young people in order to prevent anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide.


Matana Foundation for Young People Grant Program

Grants: Between $1,000 to $10,000

Eligible: Not-for-Profits / Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)

Round: Ongoing

To create a more just society by giving every young person in Australia an equal opportunity to access the skills to negotiate life's journey.


Regional Grants

Economic Development Grant - Cairns

Grants: $5,000 to $30,000

Eligible: Not-for-Profits 

Round: Ongoing

Council's Community Grant Program provides financial and in-kind assistance to eligible community groups and organisations for cultural, social, sport and economic development initiatives.