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Smart Farms, Small Grants

Eligible to:    Not-for-profits | Local/Territory/State Governments |Individuals

Funding:       $5,000 – $200,000

Round:          Closes 11 January 2019

The Australian Government’s policy purpose for Smart Farms Small Grants is to support land manager practice change and to deliver more productive and profitable agriculture, fishing, aquaculture and forestry industries; protect Australia’s biodiversity; protect and improve the condition of natural resources (in particular on-farm soils, water and vegetation); and assist Australia meet its international obligations.

The purpose will be achieved through local, on-ground, projects funded by grants that contribute to achieving at least one of the two outcomes described below. Projects may contribute to achieving one or both of the outcomes, however, funding of more than $50 000 will not be available for projects that contribute to achieving only Outcome 2.

Outcome 1 – Doing and fostering sustainable natural resource management best practice

Outcome 2 – Capacity building for sustainable natural resource management


Transurban Community Grants

Eligible to:    Not-for-profits 

Funding:       $2,000 – $5,000

Round:          Closes 13 January 2019

As part of Transurban’s aim to improve the communities along their network, they help fund great neighbourhood causes that could do with a helping hand.

Community grants are available for up to $5,000 for projects bringing social and environmental benefits to communities in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane near Transurban’s roads. Grants are open to a wide range of organisations and initiatives. Past grant recipients have included road safety initiatives, disability services organisations, youth and community education programs, food distribution, homeless support and housing services, emergency services, arts groups, school and kindergarten projects and land care initiatives.


Applications are reviewed with a preference for the following criteria:

  • The benefit for communities close to Transurban roads Ability to achieve lasting benefits kick-started by a grant
  • The potential to positively effect a large number of people or drive significant environmental outcomes
  • The potential to help overcome barriers to transport, mobility and community inclusion
  • The potential to improve the lives of disadvantaged or underprivileged groups
  • How specific the application is about the grant’s intended use and expected outcomes
  • Whether the grant will help create community benefits that may not otherwise be possible without grant support.


Regional Grant-Making Program

Eligible to:    Not-for-profits 

Funding:       $2,000 – $5,000

Round:          Closes 15 January 2019

The regional grants program aims to support eligible charitable organisations providing services in the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and North Queensland regions.

Applications are invited for grants of between $2,000 and $3,000 each. Under special circumstances, the advisory committee may consider applications up to a maximum of $5,000.

Charities and causes supported may fit within, but are not limited to: community wellbeing, health, arts and culture, animal welfare, children and youth, education, environment, medical research, indigenous and religion which have the following characteristics:

  • One-off projects for a specific purpose
  • Demonstrate sustainability beyond the funding period
  • Strengthen the community
  • Reduce social disadvantage
  • Help find solutions to community problems
  • Benefit as many people as possible

QCF prefers to fund whole projects rather than a small contribution to a large project. Part funding will be considered where applicants can demonstrate access to co-funding.


TCR into Frailty in Hospital Care

Eligible to:    Not-for-profits | Universities 

Funding:       $Undisclosed

Round:          Closes 30 January 2019

This Targeted Call for Research (TCR) aims to encourage research that addresses how frail persons can be supported to avoid hospitalisations, receive optimal care when admitted, and achieve the best health recovery outcomes, through integrated and coordinated in- and post-hospital interventions.

This TCR aims to support research that addresses the following question: How can frail persons be supported to safely avoid hospitalisations, receive optimal care when admitted and achieve the best health recovery outcomes through integrated and coordinated in- and post-hospital interventions?

NHMRC invites proposals for collaborative and multidisciplinary research, to avoid duplication of effort and to develop synergies between researchers, clinicians and health systems (community, residential and hospital care settings).

Aims of implementing the call are to:

  1. Encourage research across a range of disciplines and sectors to generate evidence for new or improved interventions and models of care to improve hospital outcomes and well-being of patients with frailty within elderly or other affected age groups.
  2. Promote and advocate for the accelerated translation of evidence-based interventions including increasing the uptake of already existing evidence-based approaches to community, residential and hospital care settings and organisational and government policies, to improve hospital outcomes and well-being of patients with frailty within elderly or other affected age groups.
  3. Encourage research that develops tools to identify risk factors for ‘becoming frail’ to allow earlier decision making on treatment options for effective and cost effective models of care.
  4. Build Australia’s capability for research into the health and well-being of frailty within elderly or other affected age groups.
  5. Up to $5 million has been allocated to support a small number of research projects identified via this call. Funding will be provided to the top ranked applications until the allocated funding is expended. The number of projects funded therefore depends on the size of the grants.

    Funding will be available for any period of up to five years over the period 2019-2023.


MRFF: Keepng Australians out of Hospital Grants

Eligible to:    Not-for-profits | Universities  | Businesses | State/Territory Governments

Funding:       $Undisclosed

Round:          Closes 30 January 2019

This grant opportunity under the MRFF Keeping Australians Out of Hospital program will support research into evidence-based, implementable and scalable preventive health solutions that can result in outcomes to prevent the development of, or promote better management of complex and chronic health conditions, improve quality of life for people with these conditions and keep them out of hospital.

The Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), established under the Medical Research Future Fund Act 2015 (MRFF Act), provides grants of financial assistance to support health and medical research and innovation to improving the health and wellbeing of Australians.

Competitive applications will:

  • build on research outputs that have proven to be effective at a local level;
  • have a strong implementation component in the study design;
  • address critical knowledge and evidence gaps in Australia; and
  • have strong involvement with the community and other service providers who can help with the specific requirements of the target population.

Currently, $11.7 million from the MRFF is available for this grant opportunity. It is anticipated that 5 – 10 applications will be funded.

Funding will be available over a period of up to three years to 2020-21, unless applications specify a shorter period.

Applicants are encouraged to seek strategic partnerships involving organisations whose decisions and actions affect Australians’ health, health policy and health care delivery in way that improve the health of Australians. They include organisations such as:

  • those working in federal, state, territory or local government – in the health portfolio or in other areas affecting health, such as economic policy, urban planning, education or transport
  • those working in the private sector such as employers, private health insurance providers or private hospitals
  • non-government organisations and charities
  • community organisations such as consumer groups
  • healthcare providers, and/or
  • professional groups. Partnerships with an overseas partner organisation are acceptable, provided the objectives of the grant opportunity are fully met.


Community Conservation Grants

Eligible to:    Not-for-profits | Individuals | State/Territory Governments

Funding:       $0 – $10,000

Round:          Closes 31 January 2019

The purpose of our Community Conservation Grants is to assist in the protection of Australia’s native species, habitats, landscapes and cultural heritage.

Grants are available for both field projects and education programs that have a direct outcome for nature conservation in Australia. All proposals are evaluated by FNPW’s Projects Committee based on funding priorities, funds available and quality and quantity of projects submitted.

FNPW may support approved projects through untied funds that belong to FNPW, or it may choose to run a targeted public appeal or seek third party sponsorship for the project.

FNPW Community Conservation Grants aim to fund urgent and high priority projects in the following Focus Areas:

Land and Water – Protection, restoration, rehabilitation and revegetation of degraded habitats to ensure their ability to sustain native species.

Threatened Species – Scientific research with tangible conservation outcomes and on-ground works to conserve Australia’s threatened species.

Cultural Heritage – Conserving and celebrating Australia’s cultural heritage as part of the gift we leave to future generations.

Parks for People – Improving National Park facilities for the enjoyment of all, to foster and encourage the appreciation of nature.


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