Blue Card Changes

Future key changes – from Blue Card News
There are some changes to the Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000 that are coming soon. These changes have not started yet, we will let you know so you have plenty of time to prepare. 

As well as the No Card, No Start policy, some other key changes will come into effect at the same time. 
– The current frequency (threshold) test for paid employees will change. The new frequency test will apply to paid workers, volunteers and students. 
– The current volunteer guest exemption will be removed. 
– The ’30 day’ rule for volunteer, student and business operator renewals will change. 
Exemption cards (for registered teachers and Queensland Police) will have an expiry date. 
– There are changes to how we deal with a change in a card holder’s police information.
– There will be the introduction of two new terms, Restricted person and Restricted employment. These terms will restrict certain people from relying on current exemptions to work with children, in some circumstances. 
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