Work health and safety for telecommuters

Top tips to manage work health and safety telecommuting risks.

1. Consult

  • Discuss equipment, hours of work, communication methods and any concerns with the arrangement.
  • Discuss how scheduling breaks, daily routines and regular movement can minimise sedentary work.
  • Agree how to keep in touch to minimise the impact of working in isolation.

2. Prepare

  • Use equipment and IT resources for safe and productive work.
  • Use a telecommuting checklist (PDF, 144KB) for workers to self-assess their home-based work area.
  • Ensure workers understand how to safely set up their workstations.
  • Use a reporting process for early intervention – injuries, hazards, incidents and changes in circumstances.

3. Communicate

  • Implement a consultation, monitoring and review process.
  • Encourage workers to stay connected with their colleagues through team meetings, or during their breaks e.g. have a Zoom lunch or dial-a-friend coffee break.

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