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Halfway there!
It's unbelievably halfway through 2020, and whilst the first half has been challenging and unusual, we are positive for the months ahead.

Can we just say how proud we are of you, our members.
Not only are you dealing with an upheaved world as individuals, you are also shouldering the added responsibility and stresses that have come from being on the committee of, or running a Community Organisation.

We know things have been rough, and our hearts break from some of the stories we have heard in the past few months, but you, our members, are what has been keeping CMSolutions going.

So well done for getting through this. It really has been an honour to be here for you during this time.

Now onward to the rest of 2020!

-The CMSolutions Team

Queensland Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath has announced that the No Card, No Start laws will take effect from Monday, 31 August 2020.

This means you have about 5 weeks to get yourself or your organisation ready for the changes.


Portable Long Service Entitlements For Queensland Community Service Workers

(Applicable to employees under the Social, Community, Home Care & Disability Services Industry Award 2010)

New Legislation on Portable long service entitlements for Queensland community service workers has been passed in the QLD Parliament. The Palaszczuk Government has passed legislation to introduce a portable long service leave scheme for workers in the community services industry.

Fair Work Commission - Minimum Wages to increase by 1.75%

For members on Federal Awards ONLY

JobKeeper Dates

We are past the halfway mark for the JobKeeper scheme and you would not believe how it has kept us on our toes!
The below dates are not for Organisations scheduled to receive Transitions Payments (Starting Monday, 13 July 2020.) Information on the cessation of the Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package can be found here.


Top Tips to Help Adjust to the New Normal

Take it day by day:

Try to focus on each day at a time. Thinking too far into the future in times of uncertainty can be overwhelming.

Tell Yourself - We can never guarantee our safety:

Remember that there is risk in everything we do, that is a part of life and we cannot eliminate it. Rather than focusing on trying to guarantee your safety, think about what a safer option is.

For more techniques, read "How to adjust to the new normal and cope with change" By our EAP Provider Acacia EAP.


Schedule time to worry:

If you are consumed by worrying, schedule 30 minutes in your day to think about your worries. When they arise during different parts of the day, write them down and tell yourself you won’t think about it until your worry time.

Invest in your home space:

Spend time making your home organised, tidy and clean to help you feel you have a secure base during the changes.

Create new routines:

Set up a new daily/weekly routine that you would like to stick to in the new normal. Write down when you want to exercise, do self-care, see loved ones etc.

Combat the Fight-or-Flight Response:

We can also use our breathing to reduce our stress levels – focus on breathing techniques such as breathing in for 4, holding for 4, and exhaling for 6 to activate your rest and relax response in the nervous system.
Training Solutions (1)

Community Management Solutions offers training in a wide variety of business, management and health and safety areas.

The key focus of our training is to improve on the job performance, by improving knowledge and skills in a given area.

We can tailor training to the specific needs of your organisation.

All training can be delivered in-house, on site or remotely!

We aim to…
  • Deliver the results that you are looking for;
  • Encourage recipients to actively use their new skills;
  • Customise the training to suit your unique business environment.
Training currently available…
  • Leadership & Teambuilding;
  • Management & Committee;
  • Recruitment & Selection;
  • Work Health & Safety;
  • Workplace Bullying;
  • Sexual Harassment;
  • Discrimination;
  • Employee Management;
  • Payroll/Bookkeeping services
Contact the CMSolutions Team today on 1800 007 110 to organise your next training session.


The Australian Taxation Office clarified it’s position last year on whether or not leave loading is to be treated as ordinary time earnings. The outcome of this was that for almost all CMSolutions members leave loading is ordinary time earnings and is therefore subject to superannuation.
Super amnesty (2)

Looking at offering your Employees more this new financial year?

In partnership with CMSolutions, National Salary Packaging is offering FREE Salary Packaging Administration as a Special CMSolutions Member Benefit Offer for 6 months.

Did you know, salary packaging, when done ethically, will be the most FINANCIALLY BENEFICIAL PERK you can offer your valuable staff - without it being a burden on your business.

NSP's Financial Wellness Program is designed to drive retention & generate positive employee experiences to help underpin your company’s success & your employee’s happiness and motivation!

Everyone Wins

Copy of Super amnesty (1)
Find out more HERE, or book in a no obligation discussion with the friendly NSP team to find out how you can increase your staffs remuneration offering and your bottom line.


Workplace Health and Safety Obligations

In the current climate of hypervigilance and hygiene, employers need to be careful not to let their standard Workplace Health and Safety Standards lapse.

Employers have an obligation to ensure the workplace is safe. This means ensuring that all persons who access your work environment are not at risk of a physical or psychological injury, or if there are risks that these are minimised and/or controlled.

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