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Human Resources

At Community Management Solutions we have a team of Employment Relations Advisors to assist with all your Human Resources questions.

Our Employment Relations Advisors provide solutions in a variety of ways;

  • Pre-Employment;
  • Recruitment;
  • Managing Employees;
  • Dismissing an Employee.

"ACSEA helps by giving us the knowledge and confidence to get on with our community work and child care by providing us with HR support and advice, and up to date information on employment issues and awards." Mr Ken Morris, Executive Director, Jabiru

Community Management Solutions Membership includes the following;

Pre Employment

  • Draft Position Descriptions;
  • Classification coverage and potential award.


  • Recruitment resources (draft advertisements, interview question templates, pre-interview forms etc)
  • Draft employment contracts and confidentiality deed templates;
  • Contract for Services templates (Independent Contractors);
  • Advice on employment status (full time, part time, casual) and minimum engagement (probation);
  • Advice on hours to be worked and rates of pay.

Managing Employees

  • Advice on performance management and employee counselling;
  • Advice on employees issues (absenteeism, fitness for work etc);
  • Advice on managing employee entitlements (parental leave, annual leave, sick leave, long service leave, bereavement leave and compassionate leave);
  • Advice on WorkCover and QComp claims;

Dismissing an Employee

  • Solutions for termination;
  • Advice on unfair and unlawful dismissals;
  • Advice on redundancies;
  • Advice on final payments for terminations;

Community Management Solutions also provides members with additional access to cost-effective services;

  • Recruitment service (includes writing advertisements, collating the applicants, and attending interviews);
  • Human Resources Audits Read More;
  • Workplace policy development specific to your organisation;
  • Writing employment contracts;
  • Developing and writing position descriptions;
  • Development of performance appraisals;
  • Attending performance reviews, counselling meetings;
  • Mediation Service.

*Additional Cost - contact CMS.