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Notice of Strike in the Child Care Industry


It has come to our attention that national action is being organised by Employee Union United Voice, for employees in the Child Care Sector to leave work at 3.20 pm on Thursday, 7 September 2017, as part of their Big Steps campaign.


The Big Steps campaign includes an application by United Voice seeking a wage increase by 35%.


CMS can clarify that this is considered unlawful industrial action, which means that the employees will not be paid for the time that they take to strike.


What to do if your employees go on strike on Thursday:


  • Identify if your employees are striking on Thursday. We would suggest communicating with your employees to find what their intentions are.
  • If you are supporting the strike and closing your Centre, communicate with parents/carers that they will need to collect their children early.
  • If you are not closing the Centre you may choose to employ casual staff to cover any staff who are striking.
  • Communicate to all employees your expectations if strike action is to occur. For example:
    • Employees should advise if they will not be at work.
    • Employees engaging in the strike should ensure that their behaviour is professional and respectful.
    • If Employees fail to advise of their non-attendance they could face disciplinary action.
  • Finally, advise employees that they will not be paid for this absence for work. 


For more information please contact CMSolutions on 1300 007 110 or email

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