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Tips for Smart Rostering


1. Know your Award or Agreement


The more you understand your relevant workplace instrument, the easier it is to make good rostering decisions. You will want to look out for:


  • Overtime provisions - how many hours can an employee work a day and a week.
  • Meal breaks - how long can an employee take a meal break for before it comes a split shift.
  • Split shift provisions.
  • Shift and weekend allowances.


2. Get Creative


If you think your roster is perfect now, why not try getting creative. You do not have to implement any changes but coming up with multiple options could enlighten you to some improvements to your current structure.


3. Know your staffing costs


This will link closely with tip one. You should be aware of each staff members pay rates, including who is casual and permanent. Compare this with a budget or aim for your wages. It may not always be smart to accept additional business if the staffing costs outweigh the increase in sales/income.


4. Review excessive wages


If there are occasions where excessive wages occur it is a good idea to review these and identify if changes need to be made. For example, if employees frequently do overtime, identify why this is occurring. Do you need more staff or is there a particular client who needs extra time/care?


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