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Your CMSolutions...Not Going Anywhere!


It has come to our attention that some members have been directly approached by an alternate organisation and that there has been incorrect information broadcast about CMSolutions and our services.
Anyone can make empty promises however with almost 50 years experience working for P&C’s across Queensland there is no not-for-profit organisation (or for that matter organisations wishing to use P&C’s for their own profit) more attuned to serving the complex and varied needs of P&C’s.
We can assure you that your CMSolutions is not going anywhere! With almost 50 years experience working on behalf of P&C’s we are here, with you, for the long haul!
CMSolutions is part of the fabric of your industry, we know the complex and unique issues you face and we understand how hard it is, as mainly volunteers, to run a successful P&C, organising staff, ensuring entitlements are paid, balancing the books and so much more.
Our unique Employment Relations Service is a crucial tool for you. We helped write the Award (on your behalf) and are also fully up-to-date with the modernised Queensland Employment Standards. A simple phone call to our Employment Relations team ensures correct Award advice and pay rates – just one of the many free benefits of CMSolutions membership.
We also offer a range of free advice or cost effective fee-based services designed specifically for P&C’s. These cover:


  • Employment Contracts & Position Descriptions
  • Recruitment, Mediation & Selection Services
  • Work Health & Safety Audits
  • Human Resources Health Checks
  • Bookkeeping/Payroll Services
  • Corporate Governance
  • Financial Audit and Health Check Services
  • One on One Accounts Training
  • Successful Canteen & Tuckshop Management


We understand that the work you do, whilst often thankless, is important. And our key aim is to ensure your tenure is successful and hassle-free. Our business is NOT about lining our pockets.
Our specialist knowledge and friendly team combined with easy access website and 1300 number has all the answers. We actually know what we are talking about and have no hidden lock-in periods or hidden fees. What you see at CMSolutions is what you get – good, correct and honest advice.
CMSolutions has been supporting P&C’s for almost 50 years… and we plan to be around for our Centenary!
If you have any questions about what we can offer, or are confused in anyway about our role and how CMSolutions can make your tenure easier please don’t hesitate us directly or Bec White a call on (07) 3852 5177 or 1300 007 110.
We look forward to being of service.
Catherine Norris & Neale Brosnan
Joint General Managers

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