Industrial Relations

At Community Management Solutions we have an expert team of Employment Relations Advisors to answer all your Industrial Relations questions.

Our Employment Relations Advisors provide solutions in a variety of ways;

  • We offer professional Industrial Relations advice/representation for our members;
  • We develop and advise on Enterprise Agreements and negotiate with Trade Unions;
  • We provide award interpretations, award variations and current wage updates;
  • We advise on best practice and procces for disciplining employees and following due process;
  • We offer representation in disputes with employees and/or unions in all tribunals.

Community Management Solutions Membership includes the following;

  • Telephone, email and on-line advisory service;
  • Award information and intrepretation;
  • Up to date award pay rates;
  • Reviewing leave and wage calculations;
  • Enterprise Agreement interpretations;
  • Interpretation of legislation (Industrial Relations, Discrimination, Workplace Harassment, etc)
  • Representing members in pay equity cases.

Community Management Solutions also provides members with additional access to cost-effective services;

  • Representation in disputes with employees and/or unions in all tribunals;
  • Additional legal advice;
  • Disciplinary letters and meetings;
  • Industrial Relations Audits Read More;
  • Workplace Investigations;
  • Support writing contracts of and for service;
  • Underpayment of wage claims;
  • Calculations of leave entitlements.

*Additional cost - contact CMS for more details