Strategic Planning Services by CMSolutions

Strategic Planning & Workforce Planning

Strategic Planning Services by CMSolutions

Current State to Future State.

CMSolutions facilitate planning sessions with you as a member of CMSolutions on an hourly basis as may be required for your situation.

Strategic planning is an activity to determine your future focus from both a strategic and operational perspective and to put a plan in place that is responsible and achievable taking into consideration all the facts at hand.

It is a process that is highly vital to your organisation’s success and must be well thought out and leave no stone unturned to maximise your organisation’s future.
We can help you by providing a facilitation service to assist your team in obtaining the best possible result from your strategic planning.

We will guide your team and look at all facets of your organisation, including:
• Vision
• Mission and Purpose
• Aims
• Goals and Objectives
• Values and Philosophy
• Where you are now
• Where you wish to go
• What will get in the way
• What do you need to do
• How will the plan be implemented
• Planning and Pre Work on the Plan
• SWOT Analysis
• Deep Dive
• What to include in the plan and what to exclude
• General advice, guidance and support
• Assistance and Preparation with the final document and a Communication Plan to ensure stakeholder engagement.

Workforce Planning by CMSolutions

Workforce Planning is an essential component of your organisation’s success. It’s part of your strategic plan and needs a serious yearly review. CMSolutions facilitates planning sessions with you as a member of CMSolutions, on an hourly basis as may be required for your situation.

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CMSolutions staff have broad planning experience with dozens of organisations across the not-for-profit, educational and faith-based organisations.

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We will make planning a fun, positive and enjoyable experience to keep your team focussed and on track and bring a unique, independent, experienced voice to assist.