Workplace Investigations

Discrete investigation services designed to save your organisation from legal strife and expensive payouts

Do you need a workplace investigation service?

  • our consultants are very experienced
  • we create win-win outcomes
  • cost-effective consultancy for your situation

Request assistance with our investigation service for your organisation

With investigations on the rise, now is a great time to ask the CMSolutions team of highly experienced investigators to assist you with any investigations you may require. These investigation packages are available at reduced member rates – simply refer to our latest article in our newsletter for all the information, or chat with our team shortly.

What could happen if the situation is not dealt with?

There can be substantial costs in not getting the facts to prevent legal action and expensive payouts:

  • Toxic culture;
  • Low staff morale;
  • Disengaged staff;
  • Stress leave;
  • Unexplained absenteeism;
  • Poor work standards, quality of service;
  • Bullying;
  • High staff turnover – loss of valuable staff, plus the cost and time of retaining of new staff;
  • Good staff who are highly trained going to another organisation;
  • Relationship breakdowns;
  • Workplace conflict;
  • Breaking WH&S laws or other laws;
  • Death by social media;
  • Bad publicity;
  • AND FINALLY expensive litigation, costs spent on Industrial Relations Specialists, time spent preparing, attending commissions, tribunals and court.

If you have a workplace problem, please call CMSolutions on 1300 007 110 and talk to a member of the CMSolutions team.