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The best GUIDANCE, ADVICE and SUPPORT for Community Organisations.

Managing staff and finances can be one of the biggest challenges for Boards and Committees. At Community Management Solutions (CMSolutions) our team of professional advisors have been helping organisations like yours for 50 years.

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  • We keep you up to date on the issues affecting your business that you need to be aware of. Keeping on top of law changes, pay rates and best practice is all part of the service.
  • Belonging to CMS assures you that there is always someone to call. Whether you need help recruiting a new staff member, calculating leave entitlements, running performance appraisals, or managing disputes, our Employment Relations Advisors can help.?
  • We can help you ensure your Work Health and Safety practices are always up to scratch.
  • If managing the finances is starting to get a bit overwhelming or overly complicated, our in-house Accounts and Bookkeeping Specialists can help put the right systems in place, manage your bookkeeping and payroll from week to week, right through to conducting financial health checks to full financial audits.
  • Our Guides (print and digital), Employee Handbooks and on-line Toolkits are all designed to help you navigate new, and often complex situations.

At CMSolutions ALL our services are aimed at freeing you up to get on with running your organisation and leaving the hard stuff to us.

To find out more about what we do and how we can help you manage your day to day business easily, give us a call on 1300 007 110 or 07 3852 5177 for the support you need today.