Our Board

The Community Management Solutions Board of Management is made up of six (6) members of the Association.

Board members are elected via a secret postal ballot of the financial members of the Association. Elections are held in the month of September in an election year — elections are held every three years.

Community Management Solutions is incorporated under the Fair Work Act 2009. The Community Management Solutions rules state that membership is to be made up of Ordinary, Associate and Life Members. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in June each year.

Community Management Solutions Board of Management

President – Deborah Ponting – MIM, BA, BEdSt, DipEd, AAlIA

Vice President – Jennifer O’Brien – BCom, CA

Secretary – Kim Teague – LLB, DipLegPrac

Treasurer – Lyanna George -BPurMath, BBus, MAppSci

Board Member – Allan Fazldeen – OAM, Dipl. Accountancy, MICSA, Cert. Financial Training (ISA/CPA). FCPA. FAIM

Board Member – Peter Hoens – BAE, MEd

Consultant  – Chris Hutton – BPsych, MAppFin

Current Rules and Annual Reports of the Community Management Solutions

Annual Reports

Officer and Related Party Disclosures

2020 Fair Work Commission Approvals of Applications

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2020 Application to Fair Work Commission to Change our Name

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2020 Application to Fair Work Commission to Change Eligibility Rule

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Copy of existing eligibility rules that are proposed to be altered

Proposed Eligibility Rules 2020 v.1

2020 Application to Fair Work Commission to Change Rules

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