HR / IR Health Check

Are your staff management procedures in order?

What is covered in the Basic HR/IR Health Check?

Employees’ Personnel Files

This process is to review the employees’ personnel file and ensure that what is recorded is compliant with the Industrial Relations Act 1999 or Fair Work Act 2009.

  • Employees’ Entitlements – This process is to check all employees’ leave entitlements. This includes checking leave balances, sick leave, long service leave and checking any leave taken is recorded and the outstanding amount is correct.
  • Pay Slips – Check that information recorded on pay slips in compliant with the relevant legislative requirements.
  • Superannuation – Ensure the employees’ superannuation fund is recorded and contributions paid etc.
  • General Requirements and Employment Documents
    • Current award and applicable pay rates are accessible by staff.
    • Time sheets kept.
    • Review of personnel files.
    • Review your organisations employment contracts, position descriptions and confidentiality deeds.
  • Organisations Policies – Review of the organisation’s employment policies and recommended changes or updates as required.

We also offer an Advanced HR/IR Health Check which includes what is covered in the Basic Health Check plus…

  • Review of all employee wages. Ensuring they are paid and classified correctly.
  • Review of time and wages records.
  • Checking employees’ leave entitlements are correct and calculate if required.

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