Community Grant Program - RACQ

Eligible to:Not-for-Profits & Unincorporated Groups
Funding:Amount (max): $50,000 (approx) Total pool: undisclosed
Round:Closes 7 October, 2022


Through its Community Grant Program RACQ Foundation gives community groups, charities and sporting clubs the opportunity to rebuild after cyclones, severe storms, bushfires and drought.


If you are a community organisation in Queensland impacted by natural disasters or drought you can apply online for a Community Grant.

Applications to the RACQ Foundation are expected to be for amounts of up to $50,000, with grants of up to $100,000 considered in exceptional circumstances only.

There are two application rounds per year.

Applications / Guidelines

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Women and Change 2022 Grant

Eligible to:Not-for-Profits
Funding:$50,000 (max)
Round:Closes 14 October, 2022


Women & Change have a $50,000 grant for a registered Queensland charity that supports those in the community who are most disadvantaged.


The 2022 Women & Change grant round will provide one grant of up to $50,000 to a registered Queensland charity that supports those people in our community who are most disadvantaged.

Women and Change are interested in projects that deliver sustainable change and are particularly interested in supporting new initiatives.

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Community Grant

Eligible to:Not-for-Profits
Round:Closes 31 October, 2022


Deafness Foundation is currently inviting applications from organisations across Australia for funding for projects that support the deaf and hard of hearing and which address one of the Deafness Foundation’s Strategic Priorities.


Criteria for Grant

  • The project benefits people who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • The project has clearly defined goals consistent with the Purpose and Strategic Priorities of the Deafness Foundation
  • The project is innovative.
  • The project is achievable in a clearly specified time, usually 1 year and not more than two years.
  • The project has clearly defined assessment criteria for monitoring and reporting.
  • The organisation applying for the grant has an ABN.
  • The organisation applying for the grant has a proven ability to manage funds.
  • The application includes comprehensive and accurate estimates of costs supported by quotes.
  • The application includes the endorsement and signature of the senior person of the organisation.
  • The application includes two independent referees who can attest to the value of the project
  • In respect of all eligible applications the referees may be approached by the Deafness Foundation.
  • The application is received by the closing date.

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Celebrating Multicultural Queensland Projects Grants

Eligible to:Not-for-Profits / Unincorporated Groups / Universities
Funding:$5,000 to $120,000
Round:Closes 12 November, 2022


To engage migrants, refugees and the wider community in building a united, harmonious and inclusive Queensland.


Eligible applicants can apply for funding of up to $40,000 for multicultural projects to be delivered from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023.

The objectives of the CMQ program, in alignment with the Multicultural Queensland Charter (refer to page 14 of the guidelines), are to provide funding for events and projects that promote:

  • Queensland’s multicultural identity
  • community participation and intercultural connections
  • increased understanding between diverse cultural groups and the wider community
  • increased community capacity to address emerging issues and foster access to services
  • increased engagement of general community groups in connecting and welcoming people from culturally diverse backgrounds into a wide range of community activities

Applications / Guidelines

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  • Opens 01-Oct-2022 Closes 12-Nov-2022

Sustainable Giving Program: Youth Education

Eligible to:Not-for-Profits
Funding:$50,000 (max)
Round:Closes 15 November, 2022


The Coopers Brewery Foundation has introduced an annual Sustainable Giving initiative to run in conjunction with their general giving program.


Under the initiative, an eligible organisation will be selected and awarded $50,000 over three consecutive years, providing it with a total of $150,000. The program is designed to provide long-term certainty for the successful organisation.

The focus areas for the Sustainable Giving initiative will be on a rotational basis, as follows:

  • 2022 Youth Education
  • 2023 Aged Care / Medical Research / Health Care
  • 2024 Fostering family and community support through Christian organisations

If you would like to apply for funding, please read the Foundation Guidelines below and contact the Foundation office by email or by phoning 1300 664 344 to request an application form.

Applications / Guidelines

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Coopers Foundation

Sport and Recreation Recovery Grant

Eligible to:Not-for-Profits
Funding:$20,000 (max)
Round:Closes 30 November, 2022


The Sport and Recreation Recovery Grant is a joint Australian Government and Queensland Government funding initiative supporting not-for-profit sport and active recreation organisations with funding to clean up and repair or replace equipment or facilities damaged as a direct result of the South East Queensland rainfall and flooding (22 February – 7 March 2022).


Funding of up to $20,000 is available for eligible sport and active recreation organisations located in areas that are declared under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) for the South East Queensland rainfall and flooding event.

To be eligible for funding facilities must be located in a Local Government Area (LGA) activated on the Queensland Government’s Disaster Management for the South East Queensland Rainfall and Flooding (22 February – 7 March 2022) event.

The Sport and Recreation Recovery Grant provides up to $20,000 in support of eligible costs that are directly related to:

  • the repair or replacement of sport and active recreation items and infrastructure that directly relates to the re-establishment of activities; and/or
  • mitigating the effect of future damage to the sport and active recreation infrastructure due to a similar disaster event.

Applications requesting mitigation support must establish a clear rationale for improving the damaged infrastructure.

It is recommended that you contact your local Sport and Recreation Regional Office prior to applying to discuss any enquiries.

Disaster Assistance (Essential Working Capital) Loans for non-profits

Eligible to:Not-for-Profits
Funding:$100,000 (max)
Round:Closes 31 December, 2022


The objective of this assistance measure, provided under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements, is to support communities to recover after an eligible disaster.


The Essential Working Capital Loans Scheme provides concessional loans to non-profit organisations who have suffered a significant loss of income as a result of an eligible disaster. Loans are provided for continuing the normal operations of the non-profit organisation.

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Disaster Relief Fund - NAB

Eligible to:Businesses & Individuals
Round:Closes 31 December, 2022


NAB provides support for customers and communities impacted by natural disasters and crises, to help them get back on their feet.


With many Australians facing an increased threat of natural disasters, customers are looking for specialised support. To help them prepare and overcome these new threats, NAB are investing in providing additional support to inform customers of what they can do before, during and after a natural disaster.

Current situations and support:

Customers affected by floods in South East Queensland and Northern Rivers, New South Wales (NSW), 1st March 2022

NAB will provide $1,000 grants to customers and colleagues affected by floods in South East Queensland and Northern Rivers NSW, to assist them in the immediate aftermath of the natural disaster.


All enquiries will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, with the NAB Assist team to determine eligibility.

Applications / Guidelines

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COVID-19 Aged Care Support Program Extension

Eligible to:Not-for-Profits & Businesses
Round:Closes 31 January, 2023


The purpose of the COVID-19 Aged Care Support Program Extension grant opportunity is to reimburse approved aged care providers for eligible expenditure incurred in managing direct impacts of COVID-19 up to a maximum grant value per service.


The objectives of the grant opportunity are:

  • to assist Residential Aged Care, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care Program (NATSIFACP) and Home Care providers that are subject to direct COVID-19 impacts, to deliver continuity of safe quality care for consumers.

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Assistance for organisations affected by the COVID-19 outbreak


This page provides information about financial assistance available to not-for-profit organisations and community groups affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. It is updated daily or as we become aware of changes. For the very latest information in these rapidly changing times, please check with the assistance provider.

Looking for tools and information to help your organisation to adapt? Visit Here you’ll find free help sheets, policy templates and more, all created to help your organisation to survive, reinvent and sustain itself through the pandemic and beyond.

Want to know how you can help organisations in need? Visit the GiveNow COVID-19 Response page here.

If you’re aware of other grants or assistance that should be listed on this page, please contact

New Business Assistance with NEIS

Eligible to:Individuals | Businesses

New Business Assistance with NEIS provides personalised support to help you become a self-employed business owner.

Individuals not in employment, education or training who are interested in running their own business may be eligible for New Business Assistance with NEIS.

There are 8,600 places available nationally each year, delivered by a network of 21 NEIS providers.

New Business Assistance can help by providing:

  • Accredited small business training;
  • Personalised mentoring and support from a NEIS provider in the first year of the new business to help the individual put their business idea into practice; and
  • NEIS Allowance for up to 39 weeks and NEIS Rental Assistance for up to 26 weeks (if eligible).

Youth Jobs PaTH

Eligible to:Businesses
Funding:$1,000 – $10,000

Youth Jobs PaTH (Prepare-Trial-Hire) is a flexible program that prepares young people for work and makes it easier for businesses to find great employees. You can trial a young person for 4 to 12 weeks in an internship so you can both be sure they’re the right fit for your business. And because the trials are voluntary, you know they are motivated and eager to work.