Return to Work Coordinator

CMSolutions can now offer our members a new service managing return to work for injured employees.

Our Return to Work (RTW) Coordinators manage and communicate with the injured worker, the employer, medical provider/s and all other relevant stakeholders. Our RTW Coordinator will ensure that all parties understand and recognise the employment goal.

Why do I need a Return to Work Coordinator?

A RTW Coordinator is a legislative requirement in QLD (for information applicable to other states please contact CMSolutions) for employers who:
  • Employ in high risk industries and paid wages of more than $3,787,940 in the previous financial year; or
  • Employ in other industries and paid wages of more than $7,575,880 in the previous financial year.

For employers who do not meet these requirements, a RTW Coordinator is still useful to:

  • Reduce the time lost due to workplace injuries and in turn minimise the impact claims have on the employer’s workers compensation policy;
  • Facilitate a positive return to work environment;
  • Reduce the stress placed on managers and volunteer boards; and
  • Apply best practice in the return to work field.

The RTW Coordinator role is designed to identify strategies and steps that have clear focus on returning the injured worker to safe and suitable employment.


The RTW Coordinator service may include the following:

  • Assessment of initial needs;
  • Recommendations that will consider medical vocational and other workplace factors;
  • Consistent and regular communication between the employer, employee, practitioners and others who are involved;
  • Establishment of a suitable graduated return to work program with regular onsite monitoring and review;
  • Regular meetings to review progress;
  • Outline of rights and responsibilities, and guidance on the workers compensation scheme.

If you have an employee who is off due to a work or non-work related injury our CMSolutions’ RTW Coordinator can manage the process of the employee’s return to work and ensure a smooth transition back into the working environment.

If you would like more information or have any questions please call the CMSolutions team today on 1300 007 110.