Work Health & Safety

Creating a safe work environment is critical to the success of your organisation and also one of the best ways to retain staff and maintain your productivity.

Implementing safe practices and installing safety equipment may be an unwanted cost, but not taking action can prove even more costly.

Managing an organisation involves responsibilities regarding the health and safety in the workplace. As a Manager you need to ensure that your organisation does not create health and safety issues for your employees, customers or the public.

Community Management Solutions knows and understands Work Health and Safety (WH&S law) and its implications for Employers. As part of Community Management Solutions services we can provide guidance on WH&S matters and also offer solutions to issues that may arise.

Community Management Solutions offers various services and resources in WH&S;

  • Audit Checklists;
  • WH&S Fact Sheets;
  • WH&S Policies (Workplace Bullying, Fitness For Work etc);
  • WH&S Audits;
  • Webinars;
  • Manuals.

Community Management Solutions Membership includes the following;

  • Advice on employers obligations in regards to WH&S;
  • Advice and interpretation on various Acts and Legislation;
  • Drafting Audit Checklists;
  • Drafting Workplace Policies;
  • Fact Sheets.

Community Management Solutions also provide members with additional access to cost-effective services including;

  • Development of WH&S Policies;
  • WH&S Manuals;
  • WH&S Audits Read More;
  • Work Cover Claim Responses;
  • QComp Claim responses.

*Additional Cost - contact CMS. All costs exclude any travel and accommodation expenses outside the Brisbane Metropolitan area. For businesses with multiple sites a separate fee is available.