Satisfying payment requirements for future JobKeeper fortnights

For the first two JobKeeper Fortnights (30 March – 12 April, 13 April – 26 April), the ATO will accept the minimum $1500 payment (less tax) for each fortnight (or top up to $1500) has been paid by you even if it has been paid late, PROVIDED it is paid by TODAY 8 MAY 2020.

(Note this is a special transitional arrangement in relation to April 2020 only)

For **FUTURE FORTNIGHTS** Employers will need to satisfy payment requirements for their eligible employees in respect of each 14 day period covered by the scheme.

The payment requirement is that employers pay their eligible employers a minimum of $1500 per fortnight (before tax) in the scheme payment periods. Where an employer pays their staff monthly, the ATO will be able to reallocate payments between periods. However, overall an employee must have received the equivalent of $1500 per fortnight.   SO FUTURE PAYMENTS/TOP UPS must be made within the scheme fortnights.

NOTE: So as long as your normal payroll payment day (the day you physically pay them, not the day the pay cycle day ends) falls within the “JobKeeper Payment fortnight” going forward and you pay all eligible employees the minimum $1500 (before tax) then you meet the requirement.

NOTE: The third JobKeeper fortnight ends on 10 May, so you must have made payment to eligible employees by then – we therefore recommend that you need to have paid them the minimum  $1500 per fortnight (before tax) today 8 May, if you haven’t already done so sometime in the period 27 April to 8 May, as technically you can’t transfer payments on the weekend (not usually actioned by banks and received by employees till the next business day).