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The Federal Government has announced a number of significant changes to the JobKeeper program which will commence from 28 September 2020 until the new end date of the program on 28 March 2021. These changes will have a significant impact on employees who are currently receiving JobKeeper as well as operations which have been receiving the subsidy.
In short, the changes create a “two tier” system for employees. Employees who worked less than 20 hours a week before the Pandemic, and the rest. The changes also introduce an obligation on an Employer to demonstrate that they continue to “need” the subsidy by showing a 30% loss compared to the same period in 2019. This is a major change as previously an organisation was only required to qualify once (in March 2020) and then they were covered for the duration of the program.
To read more about the method of demonstrating your ongoing eligibility, follow the link below: