Student Free Days for P&CS

Student Free Days for P&C Employees

What is a student free day?

Student Free days, also known as pupil free days, are school term days on which students are not required to attend school.

Which P&C employees usually work term-time?

Employees who may be employed on a term-time basis are employed under either the Retail Operations, Clerical and Administrative or Operations Managers stream of the Parents and Citizens Associations Award – State 2016 (“Award”).  While the Award does have provisions for Outside School Hours Care and Vacation Care stream employees to work term-time it is very uncommon.

How does a student free day affect P&C term-time employees?

Clause 15.2 Term time employment (g) of the award states, “Pupil free days occurring during term-time are considered ordinary working days.”  What this means for term-time employees is that they are expected to present for work on student free days unless otherwise directed by their employer or otherwise agreed at the time of engagement and is written into their letter of appointment..

In recent years there have only been one or two pupil free days per year.

The next student free day for 2020 is Friday, 4 September.


Student free days are professional development days for teachers in schools. This professional development may be undertaken at the school or at another location.  Where the arrangement is to do the professional development off site it will mean that there will be no other persons at the school grounds on those days.   CMSolutions believes that, from a Work Health and Safety perspective, it is a safety risk to have one (1) or two (2) persons, particularly women, working in isolation on school grounds during that time.


Whatever arrangements are put in place, CMSolutions strongly recommends that you document what has been agreed in writing, with both parties signing and dating this agreement i.e. application to take accrued TOIL.

Incoming committees

Out of courtesy the outgoing committee should advise the incoming committee of any standing arrangements made with existing staff.

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