Portable long service entitlements for Queensland community service workers – *(Only Applies to employees covered by the Social, Community, Home Care & Disability Services Industry Award 2010)*

Legislation on Portable long service entitlements for Queensland community service workers is now operative in Queensland.

Under previous arrangements, a worker who has dedicated themselves to this industry for 10 years working in five different organisations, is not eligible for long service leave until they have a decade of continuous service with the one employer.

The scheme provides long service leave entitlements for service in the industry, rather than for service with a single employer.

The scheme commenced on 1 January 2021 and employers should be registered with QLeave.

If you think your employees should be covered by the scheme, contact QLeave immediately.



*Who is eligible?

Workers employed by a community services provider  in Queensland to:

  • perform community services work, or
  • support, supervise or manage the provision of community services.

This includes workers who:

  • are engaged as a full-time, part-time or casual employee
  • are engaged under a contract for service, including labour-hire workers
  • operate as a sole trader (registration optional).

Who is not eligible?

Some community services workers are not eligible to join QLeave.

These include:

  • federal, state and local government workers
  • workers engaged to perform work unrelated to the purpose of providing community services
  • workers in standalone childcare and early childhood education centres, kindergartens and school-based childcare services
  • workers employed in aged care, in a nursing home or retirement village delivered by a standalone aged care provider or service.