WHS Keeping your people safe

Workplace Health and Safety Obligations 

In the current climate of hypervigilance and hygiene, employers need to be careful not to let their standard. Workplace Health and Safety Standards lapse.

Employers have an obligation to ensure the workplace is safe. This means ensuring that all persons who access your work environment are not at risk of a physical or psychological injury, or if there are risks that these are minimised and/or controlled.

How to assess and control all the potential risks in a workplace is a huge task and varies greatly from workplace to workplace, and industry to industry. Some risks areas that you will want to consider are:

Many organisations may minimise and control for risks, but can fail to have emergency plans in place should an incident occur. When developing an emergency plan you should:

The employer also has an obligation to ensure that employees are trained in order to safely complete their jobs, including all relevant risk management and emergency procedures.

Please also refer to A Guide for Covid Safe Business to ensure you are fulfilling your obligations in regards to hygiene and infection control in your workplace.

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