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Welcome to the Community Management Solutions Workplace Health & Safety training program.

Here at CM Solutions, we also provide streamlined HR & IR Management, Recruitment, Training & Development, Coaching & Mentoring, Payroll & Bookkeeping, Workplace Health & Safety & Rehabilitation, Investigations and Workplace Planning Services.

Other services we offer are to deliver a variety of training packages to staff in the areas of health and safety and we can also assist any injured workers with advice and drafting return to work/suitable duties programs as part of our workplace rehabilitation service.

The objective of this training package is to provide you with sufficient information about Workplace Health & Safety, to ensure that you fully understand the requirements for observing safe practices in the workplace.

At the conclusion of this training module, it is expected that you will have a sufficient understanding of the following:

  • WH&S legislation
  • Hazards & Risks
  • Manual Handling
  • Workplace Travel injuries
  • Incident/ Injury Reporting
  • Fire Safety in the Workplace
  • Chemical Safety in the Workplace
  • Food Safety
  • Workplace First Aid


The format for this training package is that there will be information provided as per the subject list above, followed by questions relating to the subject.

Some questions will be multi-choice.  In some cases, more than one answer could be correct.

For example, you might see a possible answer as C&D or all, of the above.

Some answers require you to tick a box for either true or false.

The expectation is that your answers will be 100% correct.  If the system marks you wrong, please go back and choose an alternate answer until you are correct.  Then move on to the next question.

If you have questions or difficulties completing the questions or any problems with the format of this training module, please feel free to contact us online for assistance.

Best wishes as you work through this training package.