We take your responsibilities seriously!

Being a Committee or Board member is a big responsibility, but with our help you can rest assured that you are doing all you need to make sure things are run professionally and you are meeting your obligations under the Act relevant to your organisation.

With sound governance policies and processes in place you have a framework for your organisation to work within clearly defined roles and reposnsibilities for everyone involved in your governing body. Meeting your incorporation rules and regulations becomes easy and recruiting new Board and Committee members even easier. It also helps to ensure you and your organisation are protected if any issues arise.

Our staff are experts in the area of governance and are well versed in ensuring the right governance processes are set up and easy to follow. Good governance helps you to make the right decisions and gets them actioned and implemented quickly and efficiently.

As a CMS member our team are on hand to give you free phone advice on:

  • General governance;
  • Running committee meetings;
  • Executive roles and responsibilities.

Provided on a fee for service basis, our Governance team can provide more in depth advice and assistance on:

  • Checking your processes to ensure your governance is robust including ensuring your organisation's model rules are still relevant and appropriate.
  • Train you in areas you need assistance or up-skilling.
  • Assist you with your obligations (running meetings, reporting, financial audits).

These services are provided to CMS members at significantly reduced prices.

We also provide comprehensive training to ensure that you are kept up to speed with the latest in best-practice and law changes. Training means you will not only learn skills to make your organisation more effective during your time as Board / Committee member, it will leave both you and your organisation better equipped for the future.

Call us today on 1300 007 110 to find out more about how we can help you achieve consistently good governance.