Disaster Assistance



RACQ Natural Disasters Funding 

Eligible to:    Not-for-profits 

Funding:       $50,000 - $200,000

Round:         Closes 14 June 2019

When a natural disaster strikes, the RACQ Foundation is here to help those in need. Created following a series of natural disasters, the Foundation helps community groups in Queensland recover from severe weather events, other natural disasters and now drought.

The Foundation’s priorities are to help affected community organisations rebuild after these events and help charitable organisations provide assistance to victims of floods, cyclones and other natural disasters.

The RACQ Foundation’s priorities are to assist:

  1. Queensland community organisations that have been significantly affected by natural disasters to help them regain their position prior to the disaster; and
  2. Queensland community organisations mitigate the impact of future natural disasters on buildings and other capital works; and
  3. Deserving charities or other organisations with a charitable purpose that help Queenslanders who have been impacted by a natural disaster. 

As a general guide, the RACQ Foundation will consider funding for programs: 

  • that will directly benefit people located only within Queensland;
  • that include minimal overhead costs and salaries which are directly related to the programs;
  • with a preference for small and medium sized organisations (annual turnover of less than $5m);
  • delivered by Queensland community organisations either with or without DGR status; and
  • for amounts up to $50,000, with funding for amounts up to $200,000 considered in exceptional circumstances only.


Disaster Assistance for Non-profit organisations

Eligible to:    Not-for-profits 

Funding:       $0 - $105,000

Round:          Ongoing

The objective of this assistance measure, provided under the disaster recovery funding arrangements, is to support communities to recover after an eligible disaster.

The Disaster Assistance Loans Scheme provides concessional loans to non-profit organisations whose assets have been significantly damaged as a direct result of an eligible disaster.

Non-profit organisations whose assets have been significantly damaged as a direct result of an eligible disaster may be able to access low interest loans of up to $100,000.

Loans are provided for re-establishing the normal operations of the non-profit organisation.

What assistance is available?

Loan funds are provided to re-establish normal operations, this includes:

  • repairing or replacing damaged plant and equipment 
  • repairing or restoring essential premises, including – grounds, amenities and infrastructure 
  • supplying stock for up to one month to replace lost stock and maintain liquidity of the organisation 

Loan funds are not provided to compensate for loss of income suffered as a result of the disaster.


Disaster Assistance (Essential Working Capital) Loans for non-profits

Eligible to:    Not-for-profits 

Funding:       $0 - $100,000

Round:          Ongoing

The objective of this assistance measure, provided under the disaster recovery funding arrangements, is to support communities to recover after an eligible disaster.

The Essential Working Capital Loans Scheme provides concessional loans to non-profit organisations who have suffered a significant loss of income as a result of an eligible disaster.

Loans are provided for continuing the normal operations of the non-profit organisation.

Available funding:

The maximum loan amount is $100,000; and 

  • the amount available is based on an assessment of an applicant’s financial position, including any amount recovered under an insurance policy; and
  • cannot be more than the amount of essential working capital reasonably required.

How funding may be used:

Loan funds provided are to be used as essential working capital, this includes: 

  • paying salaries or wages 
  • paying creditors
  • paying rent or rates
  • buying goods, for example – fuel essential to carry-on the non-profit activities

Loan funds are not provided to:

  • compensate for loss of income suffered as a result of the disaster; or
  • provide assistance relating to direct damage suffered as a result of the disaster









Project Management Achievement Awards (PMAAS)

Eligible to:  Businesses | Individuals

Funding:       $ Undisclosed

Round:          Closes 08 May 2019

The Project Management Achievement Awards (PMAAs) exist to recognise, honour and promote outstanding achievements in program and project leadership.

In 2019, the awards will consist of two classifications of awards: 

  1. Awards for the leadership and management of projects (10 categories)
  2. Awards for individual project management achievement (4 categories)

The PMAA has two levels:

  • Chapter: winners are awarded at events in each Australian state or territory 
  • National: chapter category winners progress to the national level at the gala dinner as part of the AIPM National Conference.

Note: There are entry fees to nominate for all categories. See the AIPM website for more info.

Project categories:

  1. Construction/Engineering
  2. Defence/Aerospace
  3. ICT/Telecomunications
  4. Organisation/Change Management
  5. Small Projects
  6. Regional Projects
  7. Community Service and/or Community Development
  8. Sustainable Projects
  9. Professional Services
  10. Internationally Funded Humanitarian Aid Projects


Ideas Grants

Eligible to:  Universities | Not-For-Profits

Funding:       $ Undisclosed

Round:          Closes 08 May 2019

The objective of the Ideas Grant scheme is to support innovative research projects addressing a specific question(s) to support cancer research in Victorian universities, hospitals and medical research institutes.

The expected outcomes are:

  • innovative and creative research
  • funding of researchers at all career stages, and 
  • funding any area of health and medical research from discovery to implementation.

The scheme will provide particular opportunities for early and mid-career researchers. It is expected that the CIA will have the scientific leadership and skills to achieve the proposed project aims.

The provisional funding allocation for the Ideas Grants 2019 grant opportunity is estimated to be between $213 million and $250 million. 

The amount of funding for an Ideas Grant will be based on assessment of the requested budget. Applications must clearly justify the requested duration and budget and how they will support the proposed outcomes of the research.

An Ideas Grant can be requested for between one and five years depending on the proposal.

Minimum data is due 5pm AEST Wednesday 10 April 2019.


ILC National Information Program Grant Round 

Eligible to:  Local Government | State/Territory Governments | Businesses | Universities | Not-for-profits | Unincorporated Groups

Funding:       $300,000 to Undisclosed

Round:          Closes 10 May 2019

The National Information Program will contribute to increasing the accessibility, quality and consistency of information available to people with disability, families, carers and relevant supports and services. It aims to both improve the capacity of people with disability to exercise choice and control and to enhance the ability of relevant supports and services to respond to the needs and expectations of people with disability.

This funding round invites applications that seek to meet one or more of the following aims:

  1. Deliver up to date, high quality information in a variety of products about specific disability types, functional impacts, supports and services available for individuals with disability, their families and carers which will increase individuals’ ability to exercise choice and control.
  2. Provide information about disability that is relevant for mainstream organisations and service systems and increase the ability of organisations and services to be relevant and responsive1 .
  3. Develop and disseminate information, which meets the needs of specific cohorts including Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (A&TSI) communities, LGBTQI+ communities, and communities living in rural and remote areas.

The NDIA would encourage partnerships and consortia in applications that enable collaboration between smaller and larger organisations that focus on a specific cohort, age or other characteristic. The NDIA would also encourage partnerships with mainstream organisations that possess expertise in developing information resources to support development and delivery of the project. People with a disability must be involved in the co-design of all products developed through this grant round.

Grants available:

The grant round will comprise a small volume of large grants intended to result in the development and dissemination of information products and resources with national reach and greater impact. There will be some scope for smaller grants where there are identified gaps and a smaller scale is warranted, e.g. to meet the needs of a remote area, or specific cohort.

Up to $51 million (GST excl.) is available for the period FY2019-20 through to FY 2021-22 for the National Information Program.

Organisations are encouraged to apply for grants of an amount over $300,000 (GST Excl) over 3 years. Grants of less than $300,000 may not be considered. There is no upper limit for the amount of funding that can be applied for in this grant round, however, value for money will be a key consideration during the assessment process.

The grant duration cannot exceed 3 years and grants will likely commence from August/September 2019.

For the National Information Program applicants can apply to deliver information resource/s in two ways: 

  1. Information resources in a particular product. 
  2. Information resources as an activity.

See Examples below for more information.


1. Information Products:

Examples of information products that could be funded include, but are not limited to:

  • digital products including: – Digital products (one way) websites, online toolkits, guides, apps, online clearinghouse, webinars, library, database, guide, mapping services, guides, flyers, brochures etc.) – Digital products (two way/interactive) for example, email, Social media, chatbots, interactive or online hub or portal. 
  • audio and video products (podcasts, radio programs, instructional, information or human interest story videos) 
  • hard copy information/collateral/products (guides, toolkits, flyers, brochures, diagnosis information)
  • newsletters, magazines, journals (either digital or hard copy)

2. Information activities:

Examples of eligible information activities which could be delivered through the National Information Program may include use of the internet, other broadcast approach (eg: radio) or a variety of traditional workshops, seminars, fora, or other events.



Child Protecttion Week Grant

Eligible to:   Not-For-Profits

Funding:       $0 - $5,000

Round:          Closes 17 May 2019

The Queensland Child Protection Week Committee is offering Grants for the staging of public events that positively support the Child Protection Week theme throughout the State.

Events held during Queensland Child Protection Week give the community a chance to get involved and give their support to the important issues that we promote.

Regional Grants

Regional Grants of $5,000 (including GST) are available for each of the six regional areas of Queensland. The regions are:

  • Far North Queensland
  • North Queensland
  • Central Queensland
  • North Coast
  • South East
  • South West

Activity Grants

Grants of up to $1000 (inclusive of GST) are available to non-government organisations, community organisations and networks. Successful applicants may receive full or partial grants. The Queensland Child Protection Week Committee encourages applications for events that have been designed to positively support the theme and aims of Child Protection Week. Thus your local activity will:

  • promote the theme ‘Protecting children is everybody’s business’
  • promote our Key Messages
  • provide people with an opportunity for ongoing involvement in helping prevent abuse and neglect
  • where possible, link participants to a broad range of information, resources and services already available through government and non-government organisations.


Music Backers Grant Program

Eligible to:  Businesses |  Individuals

Funding:       $ Undisclosed

Round:          Closes 31 May 2019

Through The American Express Music Backers Grant Program aims to provide a boost to the Australian music industry and the fans that support it to help it thrive for many more years to come.

Over the next 12 months American Express are committing to support the Australian music industry by giving music venues, business, artists and fans the opportunity to share in a grant program valued at $1 million.

The Program offers backing through many different ways – it could be financial support, mentorship or other tools to help you fulfil your goals.

How much can I ask for?

It’s up to you. Please be realistic on how much you need to support your initiative as American Express will be looking to back numerous initiatives across the various categories over a 12 months period. Please be specific and itemise where possible.

If you’re selected as a grant recipient, American Express will not be paying you directly. They will work with suppliers we identify that can provide the support you require and settle invoices directly with the suppliers.

There are two ways in which American Express will provide backing to the Australian music industry:

1. You can submit an application to be considered across one of three categories: 

  • You have a Music Venue or Business 
  • You are an Artist or Band 
  • You’re a Music Fan

2. American Express will be on the look-out for initiatives they identify as needing support.


ARTS - RAF Stream: Quick Response Grants

Eligible to:  Not For Profits |  Individuals

Funding:       $0 - $3,000

Round:          Closes 31 May 2019

Quick Response Grants are intended to assist regional artists, arts organisations and communities to take up professional or skills development or small project opportunities.

Applicants can apply for a Quick Response Grant if their small arts or cultural project cannot be funded by any other means because of its nature or timing. This type of grant would also suit individual professional development.

This grant is for regional artists, arts organisations and communities.

Funding applications for up to $3,000 are available.


Zayed Sustainability Prize

Eligible to:  Not For Profits | Businesses | Schools

Funding:       $800,000 approx

Round:          Closes 31 May 2019

The Zayed Sustainability Prize is awarded to organisations and high schools that demonstrate outstanding initiatives, assessed through our three core criteria: Innovation, Impact, and Inspiration.

The Zayed Sustainability Prize is a global award that honours the legacy of the UAE’s late founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nayhan, by rewarding the most innovative and visionary sustainability solutions of our time. In order to ensure that the best ideas from around the world are considered, we look to attract the very best applicants from six world regions, across five core categories: Health, Food, Energy, Water, and Global High Schools.

If you are an organisation, SME, or high school, with an idea that can redefine your community and the global sustainability agenda, please submit your entries now.

The total prize fund is US$3 million, distributed as follows:

  • Health - $600,000
  • Food - $600,000
  • Energy - $600,000
  • Water - $600,000
  • Global High Schools - $600,000 – (divided amongst 6 Schools, awarding each up to US$100,000)
    • The Americas
    • Europe & Central Asia
    • Sub-Saharan Africa
    • East Asia &
    • Pacific South Asia
    • MENA

The Prize fund comes from the Abu Dhabi Government as a way to honour and continue the sustainability legacy of the late founding father of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Masdar, Abu Dhabi's renewable energy company, manages the Zayed Sustainability Prize. A dedicated team works on the Prize all year round.


Social Investment Grants

Eligible to:  Not For Profits 

Funding:       $25,000 - $50,000

Round:          Closes 31 May 2019

The 2019 round focuses on building the capacity of not-for-profit organisations.

Since 2014, the Social Investment Grants Program has supported dozens of not-for-profit organisations in their quest to help excluded, marginalised and disadvantaged people.

Last year, an overwhelming number of applications highlighted an immense need for more funding across the sector. That’s why in 2019 the theme will be building capacity of organisations.

The 2019 theme casts the net much wider and encourages all organisations that are ‘building capacity’ to apply.

Funding available:

A total grant pool of $350,000 is available in 2019. Applications can be made for grants of either $25,000 or $50,000.

Applications will be assessed on the extent to which they: 

  • Build capacity within the organisation to deliver the service(s), project(s) or program(s) sustainably
  • Create a sustainable positive impact for the target clients beyond the funded initiative 
  • Take an innovative approach to service delivery and client engagement 
  • Have the capacity to be documented and replicated elsewhere (scalable) 
  • Generate value* from the funding investment

Can be assessed through multiple lenses, including but not limited to: return on investment, volume of individuals impacted by the investment, cost per head, etc.


Sustainable Giving Program: Youth Education

Eligible to:    Not-for-profits 

Funding:       $0 - $50, 000

Round:          Closes 01 June 2019

The Coopers Brewery Foundation has introduced an annual Sustainable Giving initiative to run in conjunction with their general giving program.

Under the initiative, an eligible organisation will be selected and awarded $50,000 a year for three years, providing it with a total of $150,000. The program is designed to provide long-term certainty for the successful organisation.

The focus areas for the Sustainable Giving initiative will be on a rotational basis, as follows:

  • 2018 Family and community support through Christian based organisations
  • 2019 Youth Education
  • 2020 Aged Care/Medical Research/Health Care

There are two stages to applying for this program. All eligible organisations can apply.

  • 1st June Expressions of Interest close
  • 1st July Short list identified and all applicants notified of outcome
  • 1st August Closing date for detailed submissions by invitation only
  • 1st October All applicants notified of outcome and annual portion paid


Education Funding

Eligible to:    Not-for-profits 

Funding:       $100,000 to Undisclosed

Round:          Closes 04 June 2019

The Ian Potter Foundation Education program focuses on improving outcomes for children aged 0-8 years acknowledging that early interventions have the greatest long-term impact. 

The Ian Potter Foundation Education program focuses on improving educational outcomes for children (0–8 years) through initiatives in early childhood and the early years of primary school.


  • To support innovative programs delivered to young children (ages 0–8) that aim to improve school readiness (as measured by the AECD) and/or foster parental engagement in their children's learning
  • To support the development of evidence and shared measurement tools for the early childhood sector.

The Foundation only considers grant applications in excess of $100,000 in this program area.

Applicants are required to speak with a Program Manager before submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI).

The Foundation rarely awards the full amount of any project. Please ensure that you have alternative providers of funding, and that your application clearly considers any possible grant from the Foundation in this context. They are unlikely to fund 100% of a project cost.

Details of previous Education grants can be found in the Foundation's Grants Database.


Advancing Queensland: an age-friendly community grants program

Eligible to:  Businesses | Local Governments |Universities | Not-for-profits

Funding:       $25,000 - $100,000

Round:          Closes 10 June 2019

The Advancing Queensland: an age-friendly community grants program provides funding for local projects and initiatives to enhance the age-friendliness of communities across Queensland.

Over three years from 2017–18, $1 million per annum (GST exclusive) is available through open funding rounds to seed fund community projects involving partnerships with local government and other organisations to co-develop, implement and promote innovative agefriendly initiatives.

Successful projects will be co-designed with input from a range of partners including, but not limited to, community, not for profit, government, research and private sectors. The projects aim to demonstrate how cross-sectoral partnerships can be innovative in establishing agefriendly communities with the ability to be replicated across other communities across Queensland. One-off funding will help kick off projects with the potential to attract additional funding from other partners.

Applications are invited from eligible organisations to fund projects between $25,000 and $100,000 (excluding GST). Successful projects will seek funds for one-off, non-recurrent seed funding to co-develop, implement and promote new, innovative age-friendly community projects that meet the goals of Queensland: an age-friendly community strategic direction statement and action plan, and involve partnerships with local government and other organisations.


National Safety Awards of Excellence

Eligible to:    Not-for-profits | Businesses | Individual

Funding:       $Undisclosed

Round:          Closes 14 June 2019

The program celebrates organisations and people who contribute to the health, safety and well-being of their employees and show continuous improvement in their business performance.

There are 8 categories in which you can enter in.

We encourage all individuals and organisations, regardless of industry or business size, to get involved and to benefit from that involvement. We want to share your safety story with Australia. Nominate Today!

Remember you can nominate in: 

  • One category
  • Across more than one category with the same initiative and/or
  • More than once within the same category with an unrelated initiative.


  1. Best Continuous Improvement of a WHS Management System 
  2. Best Solution of a WHS Risk (small business)
  3. Best Solution of a WHS Risk (medium-large business)
  4. Best WHS Training Program
  5. Best Communication of a Safety Message
  6. Ian Chisholm Award for Best Individual WHS Achievment
  7. Best Safety Leadership Program/initiative
  8. Best Health and Wellbeing Program
  9. NSCA Foundation Member of the Year


Growing Good Gardens Grant

Eligible to:    Not-for-profits | Schools

Funding:       $0 - $1000

Round:          Closes 17 June 2019

Yates Gardening and Life Education Australia are encouraging young people to get out into the garden to grow and learn healthy habits.

Number of grants available: 10

Individual grant value: $1,000.00 funding contribution


Successful groups will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Quality and well thought out designs
  • Plans that encourage a passion for growing and promoting healthy lifestyle choices
  • Links to Life Education’s ‘Growing Good Friends’ Module. This module explores:
    • nutrition
    • physical activity
    • positive relationships
    • personal safety
  • Level of hands-on student involvement in the project
  • Level of involvement of the broader school community or local community
  • Feasible and technically-sound project activities
  • Realistic and detailed project budget
  • Integration into the school curriculum or youth/community group program to maximise environmental learning.

Applicants are encouraged to use the Yates® Kids Gardening website for information and inspiration -


IndustryTech Funds Awards

Eligible to:    Not-for-profits | Local/Territory/State Governments |Universitites | Unincorporated Groups

Funding:       $250,000 - $5,000,000

Round:          Closes 28 June 2019

The Advance Queensland IndustryTech Fund (ITF) aims to accelerate the development and deployment of significant, highly collaborative, industry-based platform technology projects in Queensland to spur innovation-led economic growth.

The ITF aims to deliver a transformative ‘step change’ that speeds the emergence of new products and/or services based on a platform technology, or the convergence of platform technologies, with global potential across 1 or more industry sectors.

Queensland Government funding from a minimum of $250,000 to a maximum of $5 million will be available per project. ITF projects will be funded at a minimum 1:3 ratio of government-to-applicant funding. For example a total project investment of $1 million (i.e. a minimum $250,000 government grant and a $750,000 cash contribution from lead applicants and their partners, excluding GST).

The cash contribution from the lead applicant and their partners may include contributions from governments other than the Queensland Government. However, the cash contribution from private sector sources must be at least 25% of the project costs. The cash contribution must be new investment. Historic or expenses incurred prior to application cannot be counted towards the cash contribution.

Funded projects may span up to 3 years.


Dreams for a Better World Program - Better Business Round

Eligible to:  Businesses

Funding:       $5,000 to $15,000

Round:          Closes 02 August, 2019

Sunsuper's Dreams for a Better World Better Business round helps small businesses make positive change in their local communities. 

Dream big and you could receive a grant to help your business address local issues like housing affordability, unemployment, sustainability, mental health issues or even help boost your local economy. As long as your dream has a direct positive impact on an Australian community we want to hear from you.

If you've been dreaming of starting a project or need more resources to get the job done, a small business grant could be the helping hand your local business needs to make a lasting and positive change in your community.


2018 winners:

Autism Swim: an international, social enterprise of experts specialising in wandering and drowning prevention for those with ASD and other abilities.

Brett Phillips Dental: local dental practice in Gaydon's Building, first built in 1894 and is arguably one of the oldest running dental surgeries in Australia. As the local dentist for nearly 25 years, Brett's dream is to improve the dental health of his community, Childers, which has one of the lowest socio-economic profiles in Australia.

GG's Flowers & Hampers: a social enterprise florist and gift hamper business providing meaningful employment for people with special needs.


Honda Foundataion Grants

Eligible to:  Not-for-profits

Funding:       $Undisclosed

Round:          Closes 02 August, 2019

The Honda Foundation aims to help fund and empower organisations that are focused on helping others.

The Honda Foundation acts as a charitable trust, providing financial assistance to charities and organisations doing amazing work across a range of social and environmental issues.

These include:

  • Supporting the disadvantaged, disabled or those suffering from illness
  • Relief for victims of natural disasters
  • Promotion of innovation and new technologies

The Foundation understands the power of mobility. So, they also provide a 12-month Loan Vehicle Program which includes registration, insurance and all servicing costs, and is capped at 20 loan vehicles at any one time.

Applications are assessed twice a year in March and September, but close one month prior.

In 2019, the trustees meetings will occur on Thursday 21st March and Thursday 12th September.

The Honda Foundation now has two different application forms, one for Monetary ($) Funding requests, the other for Honda Hero Loan Vehicle. Please ensure that you download the appropriate application form and that all fields are completed except for the Dealership Authorisation section.


Foundation for Children Grants

Eligible to:  Not-for-profits | Individuals

Funding:       $0 to $100,000

Round:          Closes 30 September, 2019

To fund research programs and a wide range of other projects designed specifically to improve the health, welfare and well-being of the future of Australia - our children.

The Foundation generally awards grants of around $50,000 - $80,000 per year, and for either one or two years. A maximum amount of $100,000 for one year will be awarded, with no more than a total of $160,000 awarded for a two year project. Occasional exceptions are made to these general guidelines. 

Grant Period 
Grants normally are made for projects which can be completed within 12 - 24 months. The Foundation’s reviewers will need to be satisfied that the project can be carried out in the time scale envisaged and that the person(s) carrying out the project has the appropriate expertise and any other relevant resources to conduct and/or supervise the project.

The Foundation has an Expressions of Interest (EoI) process whereby participants can submit a two page  summary which then goes to the Grants Committee for review. Selected individuals will then be invited to  complete a full application.

E-mail Applications Only Are Accepted. Please email to:


NHMRC Partnership Projects

Eligible to:  Not-for-profits | Local/Territory/State Governments |Universitites | Businesses

Funding:       $0 to $1,500,000

Round:          Closes 04 December, 2019

Partnership Projects will support connections, within the Australian context, that translate research evidence into health policy and health practice, to improve health services and processes.

The scheme aims to support the work of healthcare policy and service delivery implementation agencies by supporting the translation of research outcomes into policy and practice and the evaluation of current policy and practice to identify gaps in knowledge. This type of research is normally conducted outside of universities and medical research institutes. It is for this reason that universities and medical research institutes are generally not eligible to partner with researchers through the scheme. Universities and medical research institutes can continue to participate as an Administering or Participating institution.

Partnership Projects will address the delivery, organisation, funding and access to services and programs that affect the health of Australians. Research may involve preventative programs, primary and community health care, hospitals, community services, the health workforce and infrastructure.


Veteran and Community Grants

Eligible to:  Not-for-profits | Unincorporated Groups

Funding:       $undisclosed

Round:          Closes 27 February, 2020

The objective of the Program is to maintain and improve the independence and quality of life for members of the veteran community by providing funding for projects that support activities and services to sustain or enhance health and wellbeing.

The Veteran and Community Grants (V&CG) program offers opportunities for both the veteran and broader community to participate in, and benefit from, projects that support healthy lifestyles, enhance quality of life and assist veterans and war widows/widowers to remain in their own homes as long as possible.

There is $2,360,000.00 available for this financial year. There is no minimum or maximum grant amount. 

The Veteran and Community Grants program is intended to: 

  • promote and enhance healthy lifestyles, particularly physical activity and mental wellbeing; 
  • support quality independent living at home; 
  • encourage involvement in community activities; 
  • reduce social isolation; 
  • encourage supportive and safe communities; 
  • increase access to community services; 
  • address gaps in local services; 
  • support carers; 
  • increase nutrition; 
  • increase social connectedness; and
  • increase mental wellness.


Community Commemorative Grants (CCG)

Eligible to:  Not-for-profits | Unincorporated Groups | Local governments | Businesses | Universities | Schools | TAFEs

Funding:       $0 - $4,000

Round:          Closes 31 March, 2020

The Community Commemorative Grants (CCG) are designed to provide funding for local community-based commemorative projects and activities that directly commemorate the involvement, service and sacrifice of Australia’s service personnel in wars, conflicts and peace operations.

This grants is part of the Saluting Their Service Commemorations Program. The Australian Government is providing a total of $1 million (GST exclusive) during 2019-20 for the Saluting Their Service Commemorations Program grants, with the funding pool divided between the Major Commemorative Grants and Community Commemorative Grants.

Grants up to a maximum of $4,000 are available for local, community-based projects and activities.

These small grants are focused on the local community, commemorate the service and sacrifice of local community members, and are primarily accessed by the local community.

Some examples of CCG projects/activities include restoration of an honour board, purchase of a display cabinet for military memorabilia, and installation of a flagpole to display the Australian National Flag on days of commemoration.

The list below provides a guide to eligible grant projects and activities:

Grants up to $4000 include:

  • Community War Memorials, Commemorative Plaques and Honour Boards - new war memorials, where none exists and where the new memorial will be the focus of community commemoration and the restoration of existing war memorials, honour boards/ rolls and plaques

Grants up to $3000 include: 

  • Restoration, Preservation and or/Display of Wartime Memorabilia - the preservation, interpretation and display of wartime and military memorabilia and artefacts. 
  • Commemorative Events - significant military unit reunions, i.e. 40th or 65th anniversary or the commemoration of significant military anniversaries, i.e. 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan. Note: Only one anniversary should be commemorated as it is considered that events to commemorate multiple anniversaries have the potential to diminish the significance of each anniversary. The event must be held within a month of the anniversary being commemorated. 
  • Publications/Website - the publication of wartime histories where similar works have not previously been published, i.e. unit histories, local wartime histories and letters from service personnel. 
  • Public Awareness Activity - significant cultural and educational projects, i.e. exhibition, with a military focus and that add to the sum of knowledge on a particular topic or which provide access to information about Australia’s wartime heritage.
  • School Initiative - school initiatives / projects undertaken by students which focus on military involvement and social impacts relevant to the community.

The assessment and notification of outcomes will be divided into three batches during the year. Each batch will contain applications that have been submitted to the grant opportunity over the preceding period. For example, the first batch will contain all applications submitted to the grant opportunity between the opening date of the application period and 3 July 2019. The second batch will contain all applications submitted to the grant opportunity over the next four months, ending 6 November 2019, and so on.



Major Commemorative Grants (MCG)

Eligible to:  Not-for-profits | Unincorporated Groups | Local governments | Businesses | Universities | Schools | TAFEs

Funding:        $4,000 - Undisclosed

Round:          Closes 31 March, 2020

The objectives of the Saluting Their Service Commemorations Program are to acknowledge and commemorate those who served Australia and its allies in wars, conflicts and peace operations. The Major Commemorative Grants category of the program is available to fund commemorative projects that have a national, state or territory focus.

This grants is part of the Saluting Their Service Commemorations Program. The Australian Government is providing a total of $1 million (GST exclusive) during 2019-20 for the Saluting Their Service Commemorations Program grants, with the funding pool divided between the Major Commemorative Grants and Community Commemorative Grants.

These are grants for major commemorative projects/activities that are significant, from a national or state/territory perspective.

MCG grants have a much wider focus than the local Community Commemorative Grants (CCG) category, and must be of national/state/territory importance and relevance.

MCG projects and activities are targeted at a national/state/territory audience, and have a broader impact than the local community. MCG grants are usually over $4,000, with no set maximum grant amount for this category. However, overall program funding is limited, and value for money is considered in the assessment process.

The assessment and notification of outcomes will be divided into three batches during the year. Each batch will contain applications that have been submitted to the grant opportunity over the preceding period. For example, the first batch will contain all applications submitted to the grant opportunity between the opening date of the application period and 3 July 2019. The second batch will contain all applications submitted to the grant opportunity over the next four months, ending 6 November 2019, and so on.



Ongoing Grants


Defence Family Support Funding Program (FSFP)

Eligible to:     Not-for Profits

Funding:         $Unspecified

Round:            Ongoing

The Family Support Funding Program (FSFP) provides grant funding to community organisations who can deliver support and services of value to Defence families and the community they live in.

FSFP provides funding to not-for-profit organisations to:

  • Support Defence families to engage with their local communities by:
    • facilitating learning opportunities and promoting personal growth, wellbeing, and support child and youth development
    • creating opportunities to form new friendships and networks and share information and ideas to help them manage the demands of military life
  • Support community capacity building and partnerships by:
    • developing new initiatives in response to emerging needs and priorities identified within the Defence community
    • identifying and nurturing partnership opportunities to support the delivery for a strengthened sense of community for Defence families

Any incorporated not-for-profit organisation can apply for an FSFP grant, provided they can demonstrate their commitment and ability to deliver local community programs or projects with a strong focus on supporting Defence families and the Defence community.

The FSFP provides single and multi-year grants. Multi-year grants are available in two or three year funding terms.

Single-year grants are the default arrangement. Organisations wishing to be considered for multi-year funding must have demonstrated track record of strong governance.

Applications will be prioritised according to how strongly they meet the aims and selection criteria.


Early Childhood Training Subsidies

Eligible to:     Individuals | Businesses | Not-for Profits

Funding:         $Unspecified

Round:            Ongoing

To reduce the cost of training, the following early childhood skill sets are available to educators with a Certificate lll or higher qualification through the Queensland Government’s Higher ?Level Skills? program:

Team Leader Skills Set (CHCSS00091)

Building inclusive practices in early childhood education and care (CHCSS00072)

- Supporting children with complex needs (CHCSS00090)


With One Voice Community Choir Start -up Grants

Eligible to:     Not-for-profits | Businesses | Unincorporated Groups | Schools | Individuals

Funding:         $10,000

Round:            Ongoing

The purpose of this grant is to enable individuals and community groups to develop sustainable With One Voice Social Franchises through establishing a community choir.

Creativity Australia is offering grants of up to $10,000 to people or groups who are wanting to start their own With One Voice choir. Only 10 of these grants are available, and all must be awarded before 30 June 2019.

Applications will be assessed on a first-come basis. You are encouraged to submit your application as soon as possible.

Local community groups, social businesses and not-for-profits wanting to promote social inclusion and tackle loneliness, isolation, depression and disadvantage in their community are invited to apply.


Cyber Security Small Business Grants

Eligible to:     Not-for-profits | Businesses

Funding:         $1 - $2,100

Round:            Ongoing

The objective of this grant opportunity is to support small businesses across Australia to have their cyber security tested by a CREST approved provider.


Sport And Recreation Disaster Recovery Program (SRDRP)

Eligible to:     Not-for-profits 

Funding:         $0 - $20,000

Round:            Ongoing

The Sport and Recreation Disaster Recovery Program (program) supports not-for-profit sport and recreation organisations with funding to re-establish their facilities and activities after extreme natural events, including flooding and associated damage.


Community Child Care Fund Special Circumstances Grant

Eligible to:     Not-for-profits | Businesses

Funding:         Total Pool of $4,000,000

Round:            Ongoing

The objective of the CCCF Special Circumstances Grant Opportunity is to support continuity of child care, in particular in disadvantaged or vulnerable communities, where service viability is affected by an unforeseen factor outside the control of the service.


Data Science Strategy

Eligible to:     Not-for-profits

Funding:     $Undisclosed

Round:          Ongoing

TITAN's Free Data Science Strategy program matches organisation's with a data scientist on a sizeable project.


Match Funds and Website Grants

Eligible to:     Not-for-profits

Funding:     $1000

Round:          Ongoing

Match Funds and Website Grants aims to help charities turn their websites from a brochure site into a data-driven website, marketing and fundraising tool.


Mentorship From a Philothropist

Eligible to:     Not-for-profits

Funding:        $ Undisclosed

Round:          Ongoing

Titan mentorship is looking to buddy up Titans with charities where they could make a real difference to a particular challenge your organisation is facing.


Regional Employment Trials

Eligible to:     Businesses | Local Governments | Not-for-profits

Funding:        $7,500 - $200,000

Round:          Ongoing

The Regional Employment Trials program provides local stakeholders in selected regions, including businesses, not-for-profits and local government agencies, with grants to trial local approaches to delivering employment related projects. Regions are primarily based on Regional Development Australia boundaries, unless indicated otherwise.


Farm Business Analysis Assistance

Eligible to:     Businesses

Funding:        Undisclosed

Round:          Ongoing

Farm Business Analysis Assistance is administered by the Farm Debt Restructure Office (FDRO) within the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA).

FDRO assists primary producers experiencing financial distress by providing independent expert financial information and analysis of their farm business.


Youth Jobs PaTH

Eligible to:     Businesses

Funding:        $1,000 - $10,000

Round:          Ongoing

Youth Jobs PaTH (Prepare-Trial-Hire) is a flexible program that prepares young people for work and makes it easier for businesses to find great employees. You can trial a young person for 4 to 12 weeks in an internship so you can both be sure they're the right fit for your business. And because the trials are voluntary, you know they are motivated and eager to work.


Public Rural Crisis Fund: Drought, flood, fire, and family crisis support

Eligible to:     Businesses | Not-for-profits | Individuals

Funding:        $0 to $5,000

Round:          Ongoing

Born from the need to assist women and families during times of crisis, the Public Rural Crisis Fund has been an initiative of the Queensland Country Women’s Association since 1990. This fund not only supports families suffering from drought, flood or fire but is for all families experiencing any type of crisis.


Maker Projects Steam B: Community Capability Building

Eligible to:     Not-for-profits | Universities

Funding:        $5,000 to $20,000

Round:          Ongoing

The Maker Projects element aims to foster creativity and inquiry based learning in Australian schools and communities through the establishment of:

  • maker spaces in schools where students can apply their STEM knowledge, develop entrepreneurial skills, and gain experience in working with emerging and advancing technologies
  • STEM-related events delivered in partnership with industry for the benefit of youth under 18 years of age.

The Community Heritage Grants (CHG) program aims to identify Australian cultural heritage collections which are publicly accessible, locally held and nationally significant.