Recruitment Service

Are you looking to recruit a new employee?

If yes, well...

  • First you need to find the time
  • Then you need to write an advertisement
  • Then you have to figure out how to advertise the position
  • Then monitor the applications and sort out the potential candidates
  • Then you have to organise interviews
  • Then organise the time for yourself and others from management to sit on the interviews
  • Don't forget referee checking, as this is a must!
  • AND finally, appoint the successful applicant, prepare employment documentation and notify the unsuccessful applicants.

After all this it's no surprise that you are exhausted, however it's now time to induct and monitor your new employee, and there is no guarantees the employee is the best choice.

Would you like the recruiting process to be managed by someone else?

Well at CMS we provide a hassle free recruiting service! As part of this service, we will do ALL of the following:


  • Our Employment Relations Advisors will discuss with you, what kind of applicant you desire and develop a suitable advertisement to attract such an applicant.
  • We can also identify relevant advertising forums to attract the desired applicant.

Recieve and Screen Applicants

  • CMS can be the dedicated contact point for all applications and applicant enquiries letting you continue with the day to day running of your business.
  • CMS can also screen and shortlist applicants. We will provide you with a shortlist of candidates for interviewing.

Interview Attendance and Organisation

  • CMS can be responsible for speaking to applicants and yourself, to organise appropriate times to meet.
  • At CMS Employment Relations Advisors can attend the site for the interview and facilitate the interview process where necessary.
  • You may elect for CMS to develop specific questions for your interview and/or attend as a member of a panel.
  • CMS can conduct a full interview process and provide a detailed report with recommendations.

Reference Checking

  • CMS ia available to conduct an in depth reference check of applicants and will develop a report with details and recommendations.

Notification to successful and non-successful applicants

  • CMS can also assist with all the paperwork required during the recruitment and selection process, such as notification to unsuccessful applicants.

Employment Documents

  • CMS can produce the employment documents and make sure the employee receives and signs the contract.
  • CMS can also supply the induction checklist and guide you through this process.

All you have to do is be available for interview and decide on the best candidate and induct the new employee.

So if you are looking for new staff and don't want the hassle call us today on 1300 007 110 to find out more!