Qld State Wage Case 2019 – P&C Associations

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The Queensland Industrial Relations Commission has handed down its decision in relation to the State wage increase for 2019. The decision allows for the following increase in State Awards for P&C Association still under the Queensland State Industrial Relations system. Effective from the 1st September 2019, all Award wages and monetary allowances will increase by 3% per … Read More

Federal Minimum Wage to increase by 3%

Federal Pay Rise

wage case

Federal Minimum Wage to increase by 3%

All Modern Awards weekly wages will be increased by 3% from the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 July 2019.

The Fair Work Commission’s Expert Panel handed down their decision on the national minimum wage today and they have awarded a 3% increase to the minimum wage and the wages within the Modern Awards.

This increase will flow to all Award covered employees, including juniors, trainees and apprentices, and employees with a disability.  Weekly wages will be rounded to the nearest 10 cents.

The national minimum wage will increase to $740.80 per week or $19.49 per hour.  This is an increase of $21.60 per week to the weekly rate or 56 cents per hour to the hourly rate.

Updated pay rate sheets will be emailed out to all Federal Members and uploaded onto the CMSolutions website as soon as they are completed.

If you are a member of the Award Service an updated copy of your subscribed Award will be emailed out to you as soon as they made available.

Please do not hesitate to contact CMSolutions should you require any further information or would like assistance in applying the increase.