15 February 2018

"You are a valuable resource to volunteer committee people and whenever I am asked I will be giving a glowing recommendation to your service. Thanks for being one of the great things in my year of community volunteer service"

Sherree R
Kingaroy Kindergarten


9 August 2016

"It is with very great pleasurer that we highly recommend the bookkeeping and accounting services of CMS to you. As a P&C Association, we have utilised the advice and support systems within CMS for a number of years, and have found the staff there to be extremely knowledgable, accessible, easy to understand and extremely helpful to us on a whole range of different topics such as staffing matters and obligations, accounting queries and many other issues.

Earlier this year, our P&C Association made the decision to outsource all of our bookkeeping and accounting requirements to CMS and we have been extremely happy with this decision. Michele Lark and Anne Pivetta are always available to assist us with any queries or questions we may have. They have simplified our bookkeeping systems and vastly improved our monthly reporting. They provide timely, accurate and easy to understand reports for our monthly meetings, as well as almost instant responses to any other requests or requirements we may need from time to time. They handle all of our MYOB processing as well as our staff payroll, PAYG, BAS, IAS, Super and Workcover requirements.

We are extremely happy that we have engaged CMS for our accounting and bookkeeping needs and have no hesitation at all in recommening them highly to anyone looking for a quality and affordable service."

Clare Stampa, President
Bli Bli State School P&C Association


27 May 2016

"The Guide to Canteen & Tuckshop Management is a great resource tool for any canteen. Either for Primary School or High School. This guide covers just about everything you could think of to help run/manage your canteen and can be used by not only your Canteen but also your Business Operations Manager and P&C Executive Team. I would highly recommend it as an asset to any P&C Association."

Jodi Birch, P&C Business Operations Manager
Ferny Grove State High School P&C Association


9 May 2016

The situation at Tully State High School (currently 680 students) nearly 2 years ago involved a Convenor who had held the position for around 18 years and had ‘everything in her head’, making it very difficult to know any procedure or process that was happening, what we should be measuring against and any sort of checklist to know how we were going in order to have a healthy business in our Tuckshop.

We first investigated what a visit from experienced Tuckshop auditor, Jocelyn Ashcroft, involved and with our very poor financial status at the time, our P&C committee baulked at that kind of investment but would approve the lower priced ‘Guide to Canteen & Tuckshop Management’ tool made available by Community Management Solutions. This has been a business-saver as we have implemented many of the suggestions and done the hard yards to move our tuckshop towards the high standard we are aiming for. This will show our customers that we care for them –with consistency both in areas of healthy, tasty and fresh food as well as professional and pleasant service.

We printed out the full ‘Guide’ and headed up a huge ring binder folder for the P&C executive (the Managers of this business) and one for the tuckshop (with Tuckshop staff expected to read each section and sign as read at the end of each section) with other topics (all printed off the internet) behind it so that the folder’s index page shows these headings:

  • CMS - Guide to Canteen & Tuckshop Management
  • CMS - Guide to Canteen & Tuckshop Management – Appendices
  • Qld Gov - Smart Choices – Quick Guide
  • Qld Gov - Smart Choices
  • Qld Gov - Smart Choices – Tool Kit
  • P&Cs Qld  - Accounting Manual for P&C Associations
  • CMS - Employee Handbook

Even though the journey has been a long one, and will never end as we continually improve and grow as opportunities present themselves to our business, we now have a great tool that makes managing this business all the more achievable and easier to hand over to the next P&C committees as they also manage this Tuckshop business responsibly and empowered".

Helen Lauridsen
Tully State High School P&C Association


4 January 2016

"Susan Cislowski was remarkable. Susan's attention to detail, compassion, knowledge and fantastic attitude ensured that we were able to achieve the outcomes that were best for the kindy. On numerous occasions Susan missed lunch, made her husband wait and worked late in order to ensure that we recieved accurate, timely advice. All our concerns were addressed, even the ones out of left field, in a logical and sensitive manner.

Susan has a vast wealth of knowledge and is able to communicate that information in a clear, concise manner. In addition to this, her lovely attitude and personality ensured that when she was on-site Susan was able to easily manage large community meetings. This was invaluable in our situation.

All in all, Susan went above and beyond in every way. She is truly an exceptional person. Susan is not aware that I have written this letter but I felt strongly that her work ethic, knowledge, compassion, commitment and attitude needed to be acknowledged more formally than a simple 'thank you'."

Lisa Kerr
Former Secretary of  Currimundi Community Kindergarten


20 May 2013

"CMS membership is an investment that has paid for itself over and over again and the support knowledge and professionalism we recieve on a regular basis helps our business continue to meet all requirements within our industry."

Faith Brennan, Centre Manager
Goondiwindi and District Child Care Centre Inc


7 August 2012

"Being a small to medium community organisation presents unique challenges. We need all the things large organisations need to operate safely, legally and effectively; things like advice about industrial relations and human resources issues, and workplace health and safety expertise.

But we can't afford these important resources internally.

CMS helps by giving us the knowledge and confidence to get on with our community work and child care by providing us with HR support and advice, and up to date information on employment issues and awards.

We look forward to a continued long and productive partnership with your organisation and wish you well."

Ken Morris, Executive Director
Jabiru Community Youth & Children's Services Association Inc


23 July 2012

"Many thanks for being so readily available at the end of the phone, the fax and the computer. And many, many thanks for your flexibility to excuse yourself from your busy schedules to come to Nambour to provide us with your personal attention and much needed support.

I look forward to our positive relationship continuing to develop into the future."

Paul Martin, General Manager
Sunshine Coast Independent Living Service Inc


27 September 2011

"Tablelands Respite Care Association Inc, having maintained financial membership for almost two years with CMS, can, with good conscience, highly recommend the services of CMS to any community services organisation.

Tablelands Respite Care Association Inc is a small-medium sized non-government organisation based in a rural community in Far North Queensland. Our organisation provides centre and home based respite services, as well as community access for persons living with disabilities and their carers.

CMS employees have and continue to provide boundless information and resources both verbally and electronically.

Our Program Coordinators, Bookkeeper and I are able to phone and/or email CMS at any time of the week and always recieve prompt, professional and relevant responses, whilst very rarely incurring any additional cost over and above our membership fee.

This commitment to meeting our needs and doing so in a cost effective way enables our organisation to maintain our responsibilities to our members, our Funding Body and our Employees.

Tablelands Respite Care Association Inc would not hesitate to recommend membership with CMS to any Community Service Organisation and believe that CMS would meet their workplace needs."

James Gegg, Service Manager/CEO
Tablelands Respite Care Association


4 September 2011

"As president of the C&K Burpengary Kindergarten Association I would like to express the appreciation of the Management Committee for the outstanding support that CMS have provided to our kindy during a very difficult and stressful time. In particular, I would like to thank Catherine Norris, Susan Cislowski and Charles Hardy.

If it were not for the timely and sound advice that CMS have provided our issues at the kindy would not have had such a prompt and satisfactory resolution.

I would encourage any association considering joining CMS to do so."

Eamonn Coughlan, President
Burpengary Kindergarten Association Inc