CMSolutions – Thank-you for taking up Membership in 2021

"Important work that makes a community grow"

We here at Community Management Solutions love being able to support organisations like yours – and people like you – to do the important work that makes a community grow.

We believe that CMSolutions membership is a resource of potentially limitless value to your Organisation, and have excelled in providing following specialist advice throughout the turbulent 2020 (and objectively less turbulent 50 years prior to that!)

By investing your Committee’s trust in CMSolutions, you are ensuring you receive the best Guidance, Advice and Support for your Community Organisation.

Taking the pain out of Employment Relations

How we're easing the stress on Volunteer Committees

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How we're helping Community Organisations every day

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Your Support Team

Craig Pollard, Employment Relations Consultant

Jamie Barnes, Employment Relations Consultant

For more information on our Employment Relations Services, including: Recruitment, Workplace Health and Safety, Industrial Relations, HR Management and More, contact us today

Neale Brosnan, Chief Financial Officer

Michele Lark, Chartered Accountant and Audits Manager

Stacey Scott, Bookkeeper/Payroll Service, Invoicing

Anne Pivetta, Bookkeeper/Payroll Service

Neale Brosnan, Chief Financial Officer

A bit more about us...

CMSolutions is situated in Brisbane, Queensland and houses our Employment Relations, Financial Services and Member Services Departments.

Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday
8:30am – 4:30pm

Contact us:
1800 007 110 | 07 3852 5177 

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